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Flipbook Fun!

Remember when you were a kid, and you made little animations using the bottom corner of a new pad of paper? And remember how mad your mother always got when she found that nearly every page of her new pad of lettter paper had a little stick figure drawn on it? No? Well, maybe you didn't do that; I did. But looky here -- now you can make those little animations very simply online, on the Flipbook Fun! website.

(click here for flipbook fun)


*Oh, and I did finish that sleeve last night after supper, no problem. Maybe the Pinot Grigio helped. :)



This is another great site. I have always loved flipbooks, and whenever I pass one in a store, I must stop and flip a little. My creation on this site needs work, however. Some of the creations in the Gallery are very creative. What fun!


Wow!!! Love this!

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