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Need a Good Movie?

It's nearly Thanksgiving, and everyone knows that means family together time, which in turn means ... renting videos and DVDs for the family to watch together! Right? Oh yeah, and there's that big turkey dinner thing, too.

Knitters were running in to Unique One all day to buy a good car project -- many are preparing for a medium to long car trip, driving down or over or up to Grandma's house for Thanksgiving, and it was fun to see what people were getting for a good knitting project for the car. I think socks won out, although hats were pulling a close second.

Then, when I got home, I found this link to a site that lists movies and television shows that have knitting or crocheting in them. Families often use time around Thanksgiving to watch a little TV together, especially after eating a big meal, so I thought you all might like to see the list. (Click here to link to the list.)

Some were familiar to me, like Chicken Run and A Tale of Two Cities and Mr. Lucky. But some I had to think about before I remembered the knitting in them, like The Wizard of Oz and Wild, Wild West. Several were films I had seen, but I don't remember any knitting or crocheting in them; it makes me want to go watch them again. A lot of the films, I have never seen -- guess I ought to.

One of my managers, Kristin, recently left Unique One to open a video store in Union, Maine. So all you knitters out there -- if you live near Union, go to The Video Shop and rent holiday DVDs or videos! You'll be supporting a fellow knitter! She might even have some of these films that offer a glimpse of knitting and crocheting in them.



Small world. Angel Hair Yarn Company is the store in Nashville I frequent when I'm visiting my daughter who lives in Nashville.

The movie list you provided is great. I don't recall the art of knitting in some of those either. Hmmm. . .

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