A Very Swedish Knitting Night
The Dark Side of Knitting

Still Kicking

"Where have you gone, Joe DiMaggio
A nation [of knitters] turns its lonely eyes to you
(Woo, woo, woo)"

heh heh

Remember that old Simon & Garfunkel song? "Mrs. Robinson." Loved those guys.

So, anyway, I noticed I haven't posted anything here in about a lifetime, and concerned friends were getting worried about me and all. (Thanks Conny! for being a concerned friend!) I thought I'd pop in here for a brief note to say:

1. I'm fine! Healthy! Happy! All is well!

2. I promise I will try to post more frequently. Really.

3. I haven't posted much because I am doing more knitting for the store (love those knitting machines!) I think I may look into having one organically bonded to me, kind of like a knit-borg, if Star Trek Next Generation had had a crafty side. (What did they do all that time on that starship anyway? You never see anyone doing anything like knitting or crocheting. Or metal sculpture or decoupage or scrapbooking, either.) I love doing more knitting for the store, but it does cut into my time.

4. I am also a little busier because one of my managers, Kristin (you remember Kristin? She went to the TNNA show with me in June) has left Unique One to open a store of her own in Union. It's a video store, called The Video Shop (I think), and I wish her excellent luck. I know she will be a resounding success. But meanwhile, back at Unique One, we're kinda in a period of transition until things settle down into a routine.

5. I've been busy working on lots of wonderful hand-knitting projects of my own. The short list: the seafoam Flirty Ruffles shawl; a plain pullover in Nanny Kennedy's Seacolors Yarn; some spinning; still working on the Dale of Norway; a Lucy Neatby pattern for a hat, which I am doing in Diakeito's Diamusee Fine on microscopically small needles, and I caved and started a gorgeous pullover from Inger Fredholm's Knitting with a Smile book, which I'm knitting in Shetland wool: dark red and oatmeal. Pictures of everything will be posted when I make any progress at all. Honest.

6. Being completely insane as I am, I signed up for NaNoWriMo. Yes, I know. Nuts, totally nuts, but sometimes you just have to push yourself to the limit. After November, I'll feel like I have so much free time, because NaNoWriMo will be over.

So, I'm still here. Just being veeewy, veeeeewy quiet. :)



Glad to hear you're still there! I've been a bit incommunicado myself...lots of company, lots of work, lots of knitting, some reading, working on my studio (ceiling is primed!!! Heat is on!!! Just need to get ceiling painted and then I can get the light fixtures in...it's happening!!! Stay tuned for the grand opening!!!)...Didn't know about Kristin's new undertaking...Hope you aren't too overwhelmed. Are you looking for more help in the store?

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