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The Dark Side of Knitting

I should have posted this on Halloween. My good friend Stacy sent me a link to The AntiCraft, a craft site for Goth knitters. Like, Knitty from the edge. If you know any knitters who sport black lipstick and dress in layers of black lace, this is the site for them!

A quote from the "editrices", Renee Rigdon and Zabet Stewart:

"We began with knitting because the recent revolution has both invigorated and infuriated us. We are the target demographic, but the marketers forgot something when they made the decision from on high to present us with cheery representations of feminine wiles. They forgot to ask who we were. Where are the sweaters to enshroud our dark hearts? Where are the afghans to blanket our angst? Where is the macabre? The dark sensuality? We've brandished our needles in defiance. "

It's not a site for the faint of heart or the seriously depressed, but I found it quite amusing and most of the designs were really great. Each issue will focus on a different craft, and it just happens that their first issue is devoted to knitting. And be sure to read their Antifesto, which is both humorous and yet has a serious message. Here's a quote from it, about the philosophy of the site:

"This is just a place to let your eyes rest, find some inspiration, or scream yourself hoarse. We're all outcasts and refugees from the mainstream here. "




Well, I guess that's as good a place as any to be...Me, I think I'll opt for a merrier outlook...What's that they say about pessimists? They're more accurate, but they don't live as long? I guess I'm greedy...I want every last second I'm alloted...and I don't see much point in spending the seconds mired in is elegant, but color sings!!!


Where do you find these sites? I love it! The addition of the poetry and prose classes the site up a bit, don't you think? Bookmark!

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