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Project Update

I've been pretty busy knitting on the knitting machine for the store for a couple of months, so I haven't been doing much personal (hand)knitting. Not that much of any of my knitting is personal, anymore, I guess.... it's usually samples for the store. Oh well. It's still knitting, so it's still fun.

But anyhoo, here's an update. I'm knitting another of my bobble hats, because I liked the design so much I wanted one just like it for myself. Heh, I only have about an inch done up above the bobbles on that little project.

For a while after Inger Fredholm came to Unique One, I worked hot and heavy on a gansey from her book Knitting With A Smile. I stopped because I got busy and.... there's a problem with it. I cast on a different way, a way she talks about in her book, because I always like to learn new things, but I don't like the result. The gansey has fair isle ribbing, but with this cast on, it rolls up on the bottom and displeases me. I can fix it, by taking off the first few rounds of the ribbing and binding off, but somehow that rolled up ribbing looks ugly to me and it makes me just not want to knit on the sweater at all. I originally wanted to finish it by Christmas, but now I'd be happy for Christmas 2006. I won't have time to get back to it for another month, anyway. Here's a picture of it:

I'm also designing a pair of socks for The Fibre Company, but you'll have to wait for the pattern to come out to see the picture. If they turn the design down, I'll put a picture up. I am knitting the socks in the absolutely luscious Khroma yarn, and the design is faintly Andean in homage to the alpaca in the yarn. Because the socks take several skeins of yarn, and the yarn is relatively expensive, it will be expensive to knit the socks. I needed the number of skeins because of the fact the socks are multicolored. My answer to this predicament is to design an accompanying hat that uses up the yarn remaining from the socks. Isn't it wonderful how I manage to make more work for myself everytime I turn around? :)


Sharon J

I see what you mean re the rib of the sweater, although the actual pattern's gorgeous! I'm curious - what kind of cast on method did she suggest? ~Sharon J

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