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Snow Day

I love it when it snows a lot, and I don't have anywhere to go. All is well at the store; I have wonderful employees who can run everything smoothly, blindfolded, without me. I can just stay home and enjoy the storm. All three cats are curled up in various places, mostly near the woodstove, a fresh pot of coffee is perked, and Christmas carols are playing.

I had already scheduled today as a stay at home & knit day, so the snow is just added fun. I piled wood by the door this morning, and the stove is pumping out heat. I'll work for an hour on the hat I'm designing for the Fibre Company and then I'll go knit my special order sweater. When it's done, I'll spend the rest of the day on the hat again. It would be nice to finish it up, but we'll see. It's relatively fine yarn, and I'm using size 3 needles, and I'll probably have to knit it a few times to get it the way I want it.

This will be a good snow day.


Colleen Huckabee

Hi Beth,
We are having a snow day here in Ohio too and I have some Xmas knitting projects to finish----luckily on bigger needles.
Some sad news, I learned recently that Dorothy (DeeDee) Moses, my Bates friend has died. She accompanied us on the IHE knitting cruise in Sept. They mentioned the cruise at her funeral because it was such a joyful adventure for her.
Please remember me to the Wednesday knitting group. I wish them and you the Happiest of Holidays.


Now I know why people have cats rather than dogs. Our new puppy, Guinness, spent most of this very snowy day outside with me. He chased the kids on sleds, he rolled around and ate snow and generally he kept me from doing any knitting at all. Of course I couldn't have done any Christmas knitting because all my giftees were home from school. But I could have started those Maine mittens for me ;-) Enjoy your knitting day at home!

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