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The Big Kick-Off

Information? Please!!

Something I didn't really need to know: if you search on Yahoo for the phrase "sexy ebony butts" -- my blog comes up as the #21 offering.

Okay, first you might be wondering, "Why?" as I did. It turns out that in three completely separate posts, I used the following phrases:

  • "as to whether men in kilts are sexy, or not" -- Stacy, see? this is kind of your fault. :)

  • "It butts up against the end of the June Knitting Cruise"

  • "my utterly fabulous new ebony crochet hook"


Then you might wonder, how did she find out what comes up in Yahoo when you search for "sexy ebony butts"? Does she generally search for these sorts of terms? And why does she look so normal, so middle-aged, to the casual observer? The answer to the last question is "I am middle-aged"; the answer to the second question is "I'll never tell"; but the answer to the first question is this: in the stats section for my blog, TypePad kindly tells me what search terms people were using and what search engine they were using, if they got to my blog by searching for something. Usually people are searching for pretty normal things, like particular patterns or yarns; sometimes they are looking for Maine-related terms, like "Camden" or terms related to sweaters, like . . . "sweaters". But sometimes, sometimes my lovelies, they are looking for sexy ebony butts. Who knew. Well, now I guess we all do.


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