The April Knitting Weekend
Coyote's Moon

Another Fine Knitting Weekend!

Sorry it has taken me a day or two to post about the fabulous knitting weekend! I didn't get much done Sunday afternoon, and then I worked at the store all day today, trying to catch up. But now I can finally say, the April Knitting Weekend was absolutely wonderful. We had a great reception on Friday night, with private shopping at Unique One. Saturday Mary Jane taught a Color in Fair Isle class, and soon the inn was full of people busily working away at their wristlets. I gave a long talk called "All About Yarn", in which I hope I answered all those yarn questions you've always had, but never have figured out the answers to before. I hope I didn't bore you all, having to listen to me yak on and on and on about yarn! Everyone seemed to enjoy it, though.

Then we had a great lunch, and did the class thing all over again in the afternoon. Saturday night, after people returned from dinners out, we gathered in the conference room and shared projects and stories about our fiber pursuits.

Sunday morning, Jodi Clayton of One Lupine Fiber Arts came and spoke about feltmaking -- its history, its contemporary uses, and how felting is done. Very interesting! She also very kindly created and gave out small felting kits so everyone could try out felting at home.

Thank you so much to everyone who attended this April weekend and made it such a wonderful experience! I'm already looking forward to our next Knitting Weekend in March 2007!

I have added a photo album for the April 2006 Knitting Weekend down and to the left, in the side margin of this blog. Your best bet would be to click on each thumbnail image to see the pictures, as Typepad seems incapable of showing them in order by clicking on "next image" -- if you do that, you'll just end up going round and round in a circle of about 4 or 5 images. So to see them all, click on each thumbnail image separately, or you'll miss some pictures. Silly Typepad; maybe someday they'll get it right. :)


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