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Another Fine Knitting Weekend!

The April Knitting Weekend

It's off to a flying start! The Unique One 2006 April Knitting Weekend promises to be just as fun-filled as the March Knitting Weekend was, if not more so. We had a great evening reception with fab food and wonderful wine, and super shopping -- then everyone sat around in the Lord Camden Inn conference room and knit and blabbed and laughed and generally had a GREAT time. I got a few pictures -- & I'll put them up later. I'm pretty tired right now, but excited and happy at the same time. I am relaxing on the sofa in my utterly beautiful room overlooking Camden's Main Street, with a hot cuppa cranberry apple herbal tea and my soft, comfy pajamas. This room has a huge bed; I think it's king-sized (I hope I don't get lost in it!), and you just sink right into it, it's so comfy. There's a very romantic fireplace, a marble bathroom, a little kitchenette area with a microwave, sink, coffee pot and refrigerator, and a roomy balcony that overlooks Camden. The balcony has a couple very comfortable chairs, and Victoria and I took advantage of them before the registration and the reception started; we had coffee and relaxed and chatted. The whole evening has been great, with good friends (and family, for me, too!) and knitting and chocolate and wine and knitting and laughing and wine. And knitting. All I have to do now is look forward to tomorrow.

I think I will start with coffee and socks on the balcony, followed by more coffee and socks and a trademark Wonderful Waffle in the breakfast room. Then we'll have a class, and lunch, and another class, and go out to dinner; and wrap up the night with a Show & Tell evening and more knitting and laughing and general hanging-out. This is so much fun! Why don't we have one of these Knitting Weekends every weekend????? I'll have to think on it.....




Beth and Ladies:

Aah! Enjoy your weekend. Brings back the memories of the fun last month and wishing I could have been there this month. But I did knot last night--started a new neck cozy (Christmast gift) from Mountain Colors (such luscious yarn)and I was up early this morning with the dog so I made my coffee and "Knit On!"
The March weekend was very inspirational motivational and educational.
I will take pictures (because many items will be given away by then) and make a list of production to bring back to the March, 2007 weekend.


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