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I've been moving stuff around on the blog. As you may have noticed over on the left margin, I've gotten rid of the "On My iPod" list in favor of a list of my favorite songs, constantly updated courtesy of Under the list of songs is a link to Yarndemon Radio, which is a station I created on Pandora and which plays music that I like. Ostensibly. (Some of the artists I chose; some of the music played on the station is chosen by the Pandora software, based on the analyses of the Music Genome Project. You can make your own radio station. It's easy! and fun! I did it; you can too.

I think it's cool.

Thanks go to Stacy, who Must Get a Blog SOON since I appear to be talking about her all the time and could be linking to her.

So, unrelated to the entire rest of this post--
From the Off-the-Wall's a list of my 5 favorite things today:

2. Cute Bento boxes.
3. Camilla the Hen.
4. Wearable Animal Heads.
5. Food Sculpture.



Awww...shucks... [Stacy blushes]
I did have a blog for a few weeks, but I felt so uncomfortably self-conscious every time I posted that I gave it up. Perhaps I get all the self expression I need by writing on the bathroom wall at work!
By the way, you missed quite an opportunity to up your search engine stats when you neglected to mention Camilla the Hen's breed. I think your mind must reside further from the gutter than mine.


Pandora rocks!!! Thanks for the link. I'm really enjoying it.

Beth Collins

Stacy: I didn't know you had a blog!! You must keep posting! and tell me how to get to it. :) And re: Camilla the Hen's Black Sex Link breed raising my standings in Google searches? What can I say... where would I be without friends like you looking after me. :) :)

Tracy: So glad to see another Pandora addict! I'd love you to email me your station. :D

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