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Well this is kind of interesting, in a "why?" kind of way.

You can click here to visit "The Sheep Market". Move your cursor around the ten thousand miniscule dot-like things in the bottom half of the page, which prove to be ten thousand highly-miniaturized sheep drawings. When you find one you like, you can click on it to select it. Then, you can watch it being drawn in the box at the top of the page. If it really is the sheep you want, you can buy it as part of a set of "collectable" adhesive stickers. Or, you can send it to someone, by email I presume -- although I couldn't get that feature to work (I'm using Mac OSX and Safari; I suspect it works in Firefox or on a PC).

I picked sheep #8655. He's my best buddy, now:

Oh, and by the way -- I took the Unique One Spring Newsletter to get copied today, so it will go out in the mail on Thursday or Friday! Look for it soon! E-mail me (look at the upper right corner of my blog, there ya go) if you want to be added to the mailing list. By Friday I should also have the online version available for you to read on the Unique One website (click "Our Current Newsletter" when you go to the Unique One web site.)



I love this site! You're the most fun blogger, ever!! How did you get your sheep to leave that page? Mine wouldn't copy. Oh, I also have OSX and Safari, and I could email mine.


Debbie -- glad you enjoyed the Sheep Market!

How I copied the sheep: after it was drawn in the box at the top of the page, I took a screen shot of it (command+shift+4, select what you want, and the Mac snaps a photo of it).

Also, when I went back later, it did let me send a sheep. I shortly got an email from The Sheep Market, with the subject line "Baa" -- loved it.


That is a very fun little site! Too bad you can't have more than one at a time.

your own virtual little flock. heh heh heh



Susan! Great to see you here! I loved this little site too. Now, if they'd just do one with penguins......


Hi Beth,

My sheep #8892 (aka Rosco) would like to send his best to #8655.

You could do a similar thing with penguins using Amazon's Mechanical Turk HIT wizard web service.

p.s. I love the moisturizing sock yarn I got from you in March.

Beth Collins

Ooooh, Sarah, 8892 is adorable! 8655 is very happy to call Rosco a friend. :)

I'm afraid Amazon's Mechanical Turk's service would require me to pay people to draw the little buggers, so I guess there won't be any penquins. Oh well.

Glad you like the sock yarn! I like it too!

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