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Beth's Knitting Update & New Yarn at the Store

I finished the short-sleeved cardigan I knit from Tahki's "Dream" -- I think it is very cute. I still have to weave in the ends and sew on the buttons. Hopefully I will get a photo of it tonight at knitting group -- I knit a size small because it would be faster to knit, and maybe I can con someone into modeling it for me.

Last night I knit a rather extensive gauge swatch with another new yarn we have called "Linova" from GGH/Muench. It is 74% cotton, 26% linen, and comes in beautiful, soft colors. It's a very nice summer yarn to work with. It is 100 meters/ 50 grams, and we're selling it for $6.95 a ball. I am going to make Oat Couture's "Penelope Blouse" in color 022, a bright, greeny yellow which doesn't appear to be listed on the Muench web site. Aside from the fact that this yarn is beautiful and nice to work with, and a reasonable price, I think I know why Victoria ordered it: it is made in Romania. I think she was an exchange student in Romania for a while. Maybe she can verify that in the comments. Victoria?

I also have plans to knit a sock from Durasport, the new Canadian lightweight wool & nylon yarn, and I am looking forward to starting the Fiddlesticks Knitting "Flirty Ruffles" shawl using our new Graceful lace yarn.

This morning I tried out my new Weavette Loom -- I think we'll be selling these at Unique One this fall. It's a lot of fun:

WovensquareHere's the sample square I wove this morning, using leftover Step sock yarn. Nora likes it.

More new stuff is arriving at the store every day. We got our shipment of "O-Wool", organic wool yarn from the Vermont Organic Fiber Company. It's beautiful! This 100% organic merino wool is soft and yet has a wonderful springyness to it. It is a pretty good deal for an organic product, too: 198 yards in a 100 gram skein, and we're selling it for $12.50. Compare that to non-organic Donegal Tweed, 189 yards for $11.00. O-Wool is a 3 or 4 ply yarn and it will show texture very well. I think it will be wonderful for aran knits and any textured knits. It comes in 13 gorgeous colors (we got all of them!) -- you can take a look at the colors and read about the wool by clicking here (you have to click on "Yarn" in the left menu to get all the information and see all the colors -- they won't let me link directly to the O-Wool Yarn page, for some reason).

In case you are wondering what makes a wool "organic", here is what it says on the yarn company's website about requirements for raising organic wool:

  • Livestock must be fed 100% organically grown feed (grains) and forage (pastures)

  • Use of synthetic hormones, vaccinations, and genetic engineering is prohibited

  • Use of synthetic pesticides (internal, external, and on pastures) is prohibited

  • Producers must encourage livestock health through good cultural and management practices.

In addition, organic wool processing restricts chemical inputs and requires the separation of organic and non-organic fibers throughout processing stages.

There is a LOT more info about organic wool and what it means to the farmers on the website, and you can read all about it by
clicking here.
(Click on "Organic vs. Conventional Livestock" in the left menu.)

We also just got in another new organic yarn: Ecoknit Organic Cotton! This 100% organic cotton is a DK weight; a 50 gram skein has 100 meters; it costs $5.95. Ecoknit cotton is machine washable and dryable, BUT it will shrink, so you have to allow for shrinkage if you intend to wash your garment in the washer and dryer. It comes in 5 colors -- the cotton actually grows in these colors, they are not dyed:


One of the things I love best about this yarn is that one of my favorite designers, Dorothy Siemens, designed 5 patterns specifically for Ecoknits Organic Cotton, and figured in the shrinkage allowance for you, so all you have to do is follow the pattern! Four of the patterns are available now (we have them) and one is coming out in the fall -- a shawl, I think. (Note: since about 7% shrinkage is figured into the patterns, yarn substitutions are not recommended for knitting these patterns). Here are pictures of the designs we have right now:

LeaveslargeFalling Leaves Shawl GinkolargeGinco Leaf Tunic

FiligreelargeFilligree Turtleneck FreshlargeSimply Fresh Tee

I want to knit that Ginko Leaf Tunic. A lot. A lot lot lot. Somebody, please save me from myself ...... ;)



I think I'm going to knit the Tee in the two green colors.

I did spend a semester in Romania while in college. It was not an exchange, since no Romanians came over here. I didn't realize the yarn was from Romania before I ordered it, but it does make it more appealing.


My first outing post surgery was to the shop, of course! I came away with five skeins of the new EcoKnit Organic Cotton just to look at and feel!!! I got one of each color. I also bought the Simply Fresh Tee pattern, which means if I make it, I have to buy more yarn! Beth, I don't have time to save you from yourself. I'm too busy saving me from myself!
Victoria, you didn't tell me about Romania!

Alison Walsh

Ginco Leaf Tunic!!! Beth, you and I should make it together... I LOVE IT SOOOOOOOOOOOOOO MUCH!

alison walsh

I will marry the ginco leaf tunic!

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