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Pictures of New Stuff

Here are some pictures of new stuff at the store, most of which I talked about day before yesterday:

First of all, here's a picture of the little summer cardigan I knit and finished off on Wednesday night, at our knitting circle. Sandy very kindly modeled it for me! I think it looks really cute on her.

Here's a shot of that luscious O-Wool organic merino wool, in its new home on the shelf. It looks so beautiful and feels so good, I can barely keep my hands off it.

The Ecoknit organic cotton was still in the box when I snagged this pic, but now it's residing in some bins. I love these natural colors.

We got some new buttons from the Dill Button company; we ordered them in Indy. These large buttons are made of resin -- they did have one of them made in wood, but the sales rep pointed out that the wooden ones were more fragile. These buttons are a good size and shape for bags, or for that cardigan that needs just one magnificent button. I put the quarter in to show scale.

We got more buttons from Dill, including the pirate buttons (on the right) and a cute little chipmunk button.

This isn't a new product, but we got 5 more of the Hanne Falkenberg "Ballerina" kits -- here is the Ballerina sample we have on display at the store; Alison knit it for us. Two of the kits we got are already sold, but there are three more still available as of this moment.

If you come into Unique One you might be greeted by this charming little girl! Her name is Tess and she belongs to Grace, who works at the store. Grace's minor was physics, so Tess is named for Nikola Tesla. :)

In other news, Victoria called me yesterday afternoon to say the new Clover light-up needles have arrived! I'll see them when I go in today.

Also, I was saddened to discover yesterday that Barbara Albright, author of the books Knitter's Stash and Oddball Knitting, as well as many cookbooks, died on Wednesday of a brain tumor; she was only 51. One of her friends said of her, "Her life was brownies and margaritas." Read the whole news story here.


Lisa S

Wow, it looks like things are humming around there. The new buttons are gawjus and fun and the new yarns should get the creative juices flowing! Wonderful.
Barbara Albright, so young...I hope that she had lovely drugs and an easy slide out of her skin. She will be missed but is probably organizing parties on the other side. :o)

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