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The Fiber Studio, Henniker, New Hampshire

Fun With Penguins :))

Okay. First you have to go here and play with this little drawing game called Line Rider. You draw a line and try to make the penguin toboggan along it without stopping or crashing or whatever. It's harder than it looks! (A broadband connection will make this a whole lot more fun, by the way).

NOW you have to go here and look at a video of a very cool James-Bond style toboggan escape that some multi-talented dudes made with this game.

I can't decide which I love more... Flash games, or James Bond. Or penguins. Did you see the adorable scarf that little guy is wearing???? Somebody who loves him very much knitted that for him, I am sure. :)


Deborah Eichel

This is hysterical!

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