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The Fiber Studio, Henniker, New Hampshire

Yesterday I had such a great time... my mother-in-law and I traveled over to Henniker, NH where I visited Pam Grob at The Fiber Studio. What a wonderful place!!! If you have never been there, you MUST go... go right NOW especially, because the Fiber Studio is part of the Wool Arts Tour which is going on this very weekend!!!

The Fiber Studio has it all... yarns, lots of yarns for hand knitting, machine knitting and weaving; spinning supplies, including wheels and fiber; weaving supplies; buttons; books and patterns; beads; gifts..... so much.... I loved it!! I had to buy some wonderful hand-dyed sock yarn (ironically from Maine) and some extra beautiful hand-dyed tencel yarn. Pam also has a wonderful space for classes, which I am very envious of. As a matter of fact, I picked up a copy of her newsletter and I am thinking about going back in November to take a class. What a great trip that would be... a NH bed & breakfast and a couple days of fun fiber learning at the Fiber Studio. Yum!!

The reason I went over there was to buy a Toyota knitting machine for sweater production. I did buy it and it is wonderful! But let me tell you, while I was in the barn picking up the knitting machine, I saw a wondrous thing... Pam has, for sale, possibly the most magnificent loom I have ever seen. For one thing it is huge, a 60 inch loom with 12 harnesses and about a billion treadles. For another thing, it is gorgeous, solid walnut, and with graceful, clean lines that reminded me of Scandinavian furniture design. And for a third thing, it is a really good deal: I believe Pam said the loom was $3000, and let me tell you, after seeing it, I think it is well worth the price. Just as a piece of beautiful furniture, this hand-crafted wonder is worth at least that much. I barely even weave, and I want it, just to look at! I mean, jeez, as a comparison....the cheapest Golding spinning wheel costs $4,250.... and this loom is HUGE. The loom is every bit as lovingly hand-crafted as any spinning wheel, too. If I had any place to put it, I would buy it myself. That's it... I need a barn.

Our trip through New Hampshire was beautiful... the leaves were gorgeous colors and the sun was shining. If you get a chance to go out today or tomorrow on the Wool Tour, make sure you visit the Fiber Studio in Henniker, NH! It's a wonderful place. :)


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