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Every time I start a new knitting project (yes I know, about every 5 minutes), I gather what I need to complete it (stop! stop laughing!!!). I gather my tools, my materials... too bad I couldn't gather up the Time Needed for Completion and stuff it in the bag, too, eh?

So I have begun NaBloPoMo.... one post per day, every day, for thirty days. I figure there might come a day, possibly today, when I can't think of anything to in anticipation of this miserable experience of having a no-idea day, I put together a little list of web sites to which I and all my NaBloPoMo fellows can turn and get some ideas to write about:

Beth's NaBloPoMo Get-Your-Butt-in-Gear-and-Write! List:

There. That should help. And look, I seem to have gotten a whole post written today! Yay!


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