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6 Weird Things About Me

Petula tagged me with this.... :D

Hmmm, 6 weird things about me... god, I barely know 6 *things* about me, heh heh. Let me think.


1. My fingers are double jointed and can bend backwards.

2. My two favorite spectator events to watch live, in person, are opera and hockey.

3. I learned to program in Fortran in the late 70's. I made a program that caused a printer to print an ASCII version of a Playgirl magazine centerfold. You can see similar ones here. (It's under "People" in the menu on the left.... in the category "Naked Women".) The instructor liked it. (Sorry to any of my family members who may be shocked at this, heh heh :::blushing:::)

4. I hand coded all the html for the Unique One website (not the catalog part).

5. Two of my hobbies besides knitting (which is, I guess, not really a hobby anymore) are geology and astronomy. I especially love graptolites and was excited to learn my hometown of Portage is in a critical graptolite area. There used to be a certificate hanging in the town office stating so. And, I own a dee-luxe Meade ETX125 reflector telescope as well as a sweet pair of Bushnell binoculars that my husband gave me for Christmas.

6. When I got out of high school I wanted to join the Navy, but they wouldn't let women on ships back then. I thought, what's the point??? heh heh



Oooo! I think you need to put up one of your pinups in the bathroom at work!


Graptolite Critical Area? Portage? I was head of the Maine Publicity Bureau (insert 'tourist information center' here) from 85-90. How did this information escape me?! :-)

mary jane

I never knew about the opera...or the grapholite come to think of it...the fingers I've seen!


I am impressed by you doing the Unique One site! It is really nice! I am browsing sites because I am learning to do web sites and viewing others is the best way to learn.......I am doing Kristins for her video shop. I also know how to do HTML but all the other stuff????I don't even know what it means! Eileen

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