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6 Weird Things About Me

Petula tagged me with this.... :D

Hmmm, 6 weird things about me... god, I barely know 6 *things* about me, heh heh. Let me think.


1. My fingers are double jointed and can bend backwards.

2. My two favorite spectator events to watch live, in person, are opera and hockey.

3. I learned to program in Fortran in the late 70's. I made a program that caused a printer to print an ASCII version of a Playgirl magazine centerfold. You can see similar ones here. (It's under "People" in the menu on the left.... in the category "Naked Women".) The instructor liked it. (Sorry to any of my family members who may be shocked at this, heh heh :::blushing:::)

4. I hand coded all the html for the Unique One website (not the catalog part).

5. Two of my hobbies besides knitting (which is, I guess, not really a hobby anymore) are geology and astronomy. I especially love graptolites and was excited to learn my hometown of Portage is in a critical graptolite area. There used to be a certificate hanging in the town office stating so. And, I own a dee-luxe Meade ETX125 reflector telescope as well as a sweet pair of Bushnell binoculars that my husband gave me for Christmas.

6. When I got out of high school I wanted to join the Navy, but they wouldn't let women on ships back then. I thought, what's the point??? heh heh

Crochet for Knitters Class

I am teaching a class at Cappy's Chowder House this coming Saturday, Jan. 27, and it still has five openings ..... in the off chance anyone wants to sign up because you're local or would like an excuse for a weekend trip to Camden, Maine.... here is the information:

Ever been frustrated by a wonderful pattern for a sweater or other project because it calls for a crochet trim, and you don't know how to crochet? Have you ever been prevented from completing something because of unexpected crochet finishing? Is there a project languishing in your closet, complete but for a crochet edging that blocked your progress??? Fear no longer! This class will give you the crochet knowledge you need to complete any knitting project you wish!

Who -- your instructor is Beth Collins
Where -- Cappy's Crow's Nest (right next door to Unique One!)
When -- Jan. 27, 10 am to 4 pm
How Much -- $36 plus materials
What You Need to Bring -- crochet hook, size F or G; sport or DK weight yarn to play with. Knitted swatches will be provided for you to crochet onto. Also, feel free to bring along any project you would like help on, if you have specific needs or questions about how to apply a crochet trim on a project of your own.

In this class you will learn:
1. the basic tools required for crochet
2. basic crochet stitches often used in edgings: chain, single crochet, double crochet, half-double crochet, picot. You will also learn to do crab stitch and shell stitches, other popular crochet trims used in knitting patterns.

The $36 fee for the class covers not only the instruction and entertainment by Beth Collins of Unique One, but it also includes an utterly fabulous luncheon iin Cappy's Crow's Nest! And Cappys is right next door to Unique One, so should you need anything before, during or after the class, it will be convenient to run over and get what you want!

This class is for knitters who have never crocheted before at all. If you already know how to crochet a little, you will find some of the class remedial, but you'll still get good information from it. If you can crochet as well as you can knit, or nearly as well, don't bother taking this class; you could probably teach it. :)

After taking this class, you will be able to :
1. Work basic crochet stitches
2. read and understand directions for trims and edgings that use basic crocheted stitches
3 face crochet directions in knitting patterns without fear, knowing that you can do this and knowing where to turn to if you need help.

Please Note: This in NOT a "learn to crochet" class. You will not learn to crochet any form of a garment; this is a class that will teach you how to apply crochet to knitted garments, and how to read the directions for this.

Sign Up Now!

Come to the store, call (236-8717 local or 1-888-691-8358) or email ([email protected]) to sign up for the class. Pre-payment in full is required. You may cancel up to three days before the class for a full refund; after that, no refund will be given. In case of inclement weather, the class will be rescheduled and you will be notified.

Home, Finally

Well, we did in fact make it back to Bangor, and I did end up having to drive in the messy yucky weather. I took Victoria home and then got back to my house at 2:30 a.m. Tuesday morning. Driving was slippery and yucky (I had to go about 35 mph the whole way!) but a slightly worse problem was my extreme tiredness. The warmth of the car and the rhythmic slapping of the ice-coated windshield wipers created a soporific effect that I barely staved off by opening the window for most of the ride home.

I slept for about 6 hours and then jumped back in the car about 9:30 that same morning and drove down to Marlboro, Massachusetts for the New England Apparel Club (NEAC) show. This is where the clothing companies show their summer (and some fall) clothing, and it is the show where I must order all the clothing that we sell at Unique One in the summer. I had an appointment at 3 pm to look at the new Icelandic sweaters/jackets, and I was able to get a few orders for scarves and straw bags and hats in before my appointment. (I got to the show about 2 p.m.) I looked around a little more but was really too tired to make any good buying decisions, so I went back to the hotel, checked in, had a nice supper and a couple of martinis and then pretty much collapsed into bed.

The next morning after a great breakfast, I really went to work. I had two important appointments right off the bat, at 9 and 11 a.m., with Produce, and with the representative for Cut Loose, Click, and Color Me Cotton (CMC) -- all very popular and well-known clothing brands. I ordered such cute clothes for summer! Wait till you see them! :) The only thing I didn't order much of was shorts, oddly enough ... all the shorts they were showing were knee-length Bermuda shorts and I think they look rather silly on pretty much everyone. So I only ordered one line of them. I got some very cute dresses, several different types of pants sets (capri and cropped lengths) and all kinds of shirts... camisoles, sleeveless, short sleeved, long sleeved, T-shirts, gauzy tunics... all in great colors! I started out a little heavy on blue and white for colors at first, but then I threw in a good bit of taupe, brown, neutrals; and coral/orange/peach. I got a little purplish periwinkle, and a little lime green and avocado, quite a bit of white, a little black... one color I really wanted more of was pink, but *nobody* was showing any pink anywhere (sorry, Peggy!). Colors in general are rather muted and not wild and bright, but that may be because many of the vendors "New-Englandize" their lines for this show, and show the bright, wild stuff to the southern market.

I also ordered quite a few nice sweaters from the Alps company. We used to sell a ton of sweaters from them, but got away from their products in recent years. They offer well-made, classic styles for very reasonable prices. Most of their pieces retail for between $45 and $80. They also had several great styles that I ordered specifically for men. We get a lot of "what do you have for men's sweaters?" but when we show them the sweaters that we make, and the Irish sweaters, we don't always get a good response.... many people find those sweaters to be great, but many people really are asking "what do you have for inexpensive men's sweaters?" I think the Alps sweaters will fit their needs and we will not lose those sales, as we have in the past. We really didn't have much for men that cost less than $90 last year, but this year we will, and in cotton, too!

One of my really favorite finds at the show was fabulous godet skirts by Sandy Starkman (you can see one here -- I didn't get that color, I got black, turquoise, a blue/white print and a brown/taupe/beige print). I also got one of her jackets... it is so colorful and gorgeous that it made me happy just to look at it. And it goes perfectly with the turquoise skirt, too! Also, our Unique One cotton sweaters will look great with the Sandy Starkman skirts as well. :)

I ordered a bunch of wild and crazy scarves and some lacy shawls and a knitted lace shrug/bolero/jacket thing with very cute ruffles, the perfect thing to wear over a sundress to go out to dinner in. I also ordered some great new watches, and some cute reading glasses in a variety of colors and strengths.

I picked up info from a company that sells utterly gorgeous, fully reversible, cotton quilted jackets in Indian prints and paisleys .... far more beautiful than the ones we have sold before. They also sell really gorgeous silk and/or rayon scarves, also from India. I wish I had found them first! But unfortunately, I found them at the very end of the show on Wednesday, and I knew I was too beat to make reasonable decisions. And, they offered such a huge selection! So many designs and colors and patterns to choose from! I took their catalog and I will place the order soon.

Almost all the clothing I ordered will be arriving between May 1 and June 30, so I hope you all come in and buy, buy, buy... because I will have to *pay* for this clothing! It's really cute, and I must say, buying lots of great summer clothes made me happy ... just knowing that summer really will arrive, and sooner than we can believe.

So after the show, I went back to the hotel because it would be crazy to try to drive home that night. I had another great dinner and only *one* martini, and fell into bed. :D The next morning dawned cold and sunny, I ate breakfast and drove home. All in all, it was a great show. But I am so glad to be home!!!!

Now I can concentrate on getting my next newsletter to the printer on the 29th, and promoting my upcoming classes, and getting stuff on my blog and website about the upcoming March knitting weekends. Oh, and getting things ready for the SPA weekend in Portland in February! Wooohoooo! I am really looking forward to that! Man, it is going to be April before I know it...... And then the summer clothing will be arriving shortly after, heh heh. Maybe I will just start listening to the Beach Boys now.....

TNNA Show January 2007 Day 4

TNNA Show Day 4

Sunday morning we had another great breakfast at Cafe 222. Victoria headed out to a lace knitting class with Myrna Stahman, but I lazily went back to the hotel room to relax, as I had not signed up for a Sunday class. It gave me a chance to look over what we had ordered so far and determine what we had left to do and how much money we had left to spend. As it turned out, we really hadn't found that much to order the previous day, and so we were still in pretty good shape.

I met Victoria at 11 and we went into the show. We placed button orders at Blue Moon Buttons (where I found a great pewter moose button and a pewter pine cone button) and at Renaissance Buttons (those are the little "picture" buttons we sell; they had a new series of buttons with cherubs on them that were really pretty -- yes, we ordered them.)

One of my very most wonderfullest favorite finds at the show was a vendor selling circular knitting needles made of glass. I ordered them!! I have by-passed ordering glass needles for two or three years now, but when I saw circular needles of glass, I couldn't resist. And they'll retail for about $30 per set. Currently our rosewood straight needles retail for $20 to $25 per set, so I didn't think that was too bad. Wait til you see how beautiful they are! I was able to test a pair and found the tips to be marvelous and more importantly, the join is wonderful, too!

We also ordered, from Unravelled, Inc., a series of knitting and crochet themed greeting cards. They are funny as hell. I had to have them. I think even if you don't knit, they are funny, and if you do, you will really "get" the jokes. It was a very good find.

We stopped by KnitWhits and placed a re-order for some of their knitting kits. It was nice to see Tina again. :)

The last two stops we made were really as much to re-connect with old friends as it was to place orders. First, we stopped to talk to Austin Wilde at Alchemy Yarn. You know how very much I absolutely love Austin and Gina and their wonderful yarns. We ordered two new kinds of yarn that they are offering at a slightly lower price than their other yarns. The first is "Migrations" which is top-dyed and then spun, not hand-painted as their other yarns are. It travels from one color to another as you knit. They had a scarf knit out of it that was beautiful.... it is a Shaker-rib stitch, and it comes out looking striped because of the color migration. Their second new yarn is "Vita", and 100% raw silk in solid colors. Gina designed the color selections to reflect Alchemy's signature color look. We also ordered Alchemy's wonderful lace-weight mohair and silk yarn "Haiku" in several of their new colors for this year.... their colors are so wonderful!! I can't wait for you to see this Haiku. What a lovely yarn. Lastly, we ordered several patterns to support the Alchemy yarns we ordered.

Our last stop was to visit with Tricia and Chet of Frogtree Yarns. We really intended only to say hi, didn't plan on placing an order.... but they had new colors of their merino, which we ordered, and I ordered their hand-dyed fingering weight alpaca. Wonderful, muted colors of fingering alpaca... so pretty.

So, amazingly, we were done..... and it was only 1:30 on Sunday. So we went back to the hotel and napped. It was an enjoyable coincidence that the Patriots were playing San Diego that afternoon, so I watched the end of the game. (The Patriots won ... barely, but they won!). Then we went back to Fred's for one last night of great Mexican food, and I had a couple of grande margaritas and persuaded Victoria to have *two* beers. Then back to the hotel and bed. We had to get up early.

Monday morning we got up early and boarded a plane back home. I am not looking forward to driving back to the midcoast region in the yucky freezing rain and "wintery mix" predicted for tonight. But if all goes well, I will be home by midnight. Yay! So I can get up and drive down to Marlboro, Massachusetts tomorrow morning. :(

If all goes well, if I can find a place to plug in my laptop (I am at only 33% power at the moment), I will be posting all of the TNNA show posts to my blog at once, from Boston. Wish me luck!

:) We made it to Boston & I can successfully post these blog posts now. The weather looks terrible up in Maine but I think we are going to try to drive home in the mess anyhow. Wish me luck driving!

TNNA Show January 2007 Day 3

TNNA Show Day 3

Saturday was the first real day of the show. Both Victoria and I had classes in the morning. But first we had a super breakfast at Cafe 222 at 222 Island Avenue. What a great breakfast place! You have GOT to go there if you are ever in San Diego. It is small but very friendly and it has good food and quick service. I loved it. It is sort of a "locals" morning hangout.

Victoria went to a class with Sally Melville about sleeve cap shaping and she totally loved it. I went to a class with Carol Ventura where I learned how to do tapestry crocht. We created a tapestry crochet bowl that I will felt after I get home. It was fun. Carol is an art history teacher in, I believe, Tennessee, but she got into tapestry crochet after she returned from a stint in the Peace Corps in Guatemala years ago. Tapestry crochet is really her "thing" and she has published several pattern books on the subject. I think we have them at Unique One... I will have to look at them more closely when I get home. She has started at least one Yahoo Group on tapestry crochet, which I think I might just join. I have always been interested in tapestry crochet, although I have only ever created two or three pieces using it. I think the last one was a bag I made for a bag exchange our knitting group did a few years ago. That bag was fun to make -- I made it up as I went along, but maybe I should make another one and write the pattern down.

After our classes we dived right into the show. We made a quick run through the whole show, taking notes about what places we wanted to return to later. That took up pretty much the rest of the morning. We left the convention center (it is good to get away and have a break) and we walked up Fifth Avenue to have lunch at the Royal Thai Restaurant where I had a fabulous pad thai and one of my favorite finds of the whole show.... Thai Iced Tea. Mmmmmm cold and sweet and creamy and utterly yummy. I would love to know how to make it. We went over our list and made a battle plan for the show, and headed back into the fray.

The afternoon was filled with ordering and ordering and ordering. I actually ordered a bunch of sweaters, hats and mittens for the store from Arctic Circle of Estonia.... as you know, we are a sweater shop, too. I wondered if they were getting many orders at TNNA because they didn't sell any patterns or yarn... just finished product. But it was lucky for me that they were there, because they don't do any clothing or gift shows that I normally go to, so it was perfect. And, it turns out, they do come to Maine every year because they also supply a gift shop in Caribou, Monica's Gift Shop, up in my old stomping grounds. We had fun talking about Monica's (I have several items from there, it is a great Scandinavian shop, make sure you visit it if you are ever in Caribou, Maine).

We ordered a super duper wool wash and wool rinse from Unicorn Fibers. Tracy wrote about it in her last Spindelicious article in Wild Fibers, and so now you will be able to buy it at Unique One. (As soon as we get it.)

We visited the Rio de la Plata booth and ordered their new sock yarn! It is 100% wool and is in gorgeous colors. Did we order it mostly because Mauricio, their salesman, is adorable and he remembered us? Probably. But I think you will love this new sock yarn. It is really pretty, and we got a ton of it. So I *really* hope you all like it!

We went to the Vermont Organic Fiber Co. (we already sell their O-Wool, a wonderful wool organic yarn) and ordered their newest offering called "Balance", an organic 50% organic wool/50% organic cotton blend, dk weight yarn. It costs less than the O-Wool, too. It's a fabulous yarn that I think we will use to replace Cestari's Wool Cotton.

We opened an account with Notions Marketing... which is another needles and "stuff" distributor. Currently we get a lot of needles and patterns and "stuff" from Bryson Distribution or the Eugene Chernin Company.... Notions Marketing had a few products that those other two didn't have. One is a circular knitting maching that you crank and it churns out a tube big enough to use for a scarf. Skacel has a similar item, but theirs is smaller and the scarf it makes is pretty skinny. I ordered one of the new kind of circular knitting machine not only because I am a sucker for any kind of knitting machine, but also I thought maybe we could let people pay a small fee to use it in the shop. Just think, you could buy a pretty skein of Alchemy Bamboo, put it on the machine, and crank out a gorgeous knitted scarf in just a few minutes! You can also use it to make hats and other garments, but I will have to learn how to use it. I only got one, pretty much for store use, but we can certainly order them for people to buy if you want your *own* circular knitting machine. They looked really easy to use. We also got from Notions Marketing Needle Lites in shorter lengths as well as crochet hooks. (These are from Clover, not the ones from the guys in Wisconsin). I also found this fun, totally weird Jelly Yarn in psychedelic colors. It's basically thin plastic "wire" and it is great for bags. It's water-proof. :) Now, if it only glowed in the dark..... Also we found some neat point protectors kind of like the Stitch Keepers we currently sell, but metal; and fun animal-shaped zippered notions cases from Clover.

We stopped by the Dill Button booth and placed an order for a few buttons. One thing I liked is that the pirate buttons now come in silver as well as gold, and they also had clear, hollow buttons that you can fill with stuff. So you could coil up a bit of yarn you knit a cardigan from, stuff it in the button, and have a shiny round button that totally matches the yarn in your cardigan. Or, I suppose, you could put tiny pictures of your grandchildren or your cats in them. The possibilities are endless, really.

The next stop was Gita Marie, the makers of beautiful enamelled shawl pins. I think they retail for about $48, but they really are as much jewelry as they are utilitarian. In addition, we got hand-carved bone shawl "sticks" which I think you could also use as hair sticks. They are very pretty.

By then, it was getting close to closing time for the show. We went out and took a nice long look at the New Products table and made some notes of stuff we wanted to look at. Then we wandered up Fifth Avenue and had excellent Mexican food at Fred's Mexican Cafe. Make sure you eat at Fred's if you go to San Diego! The food is great.

Then back to the hotel, and bed. It was a long day.

TNNA Show January 2007 Day 2 (really... Day 2!)

TNNA Show Day 2

The TNNA show went pretty well. Here's a blow-by-blow of what we did:

Friday, as planned, we blew off the educational opportunities and headed out for a day of fun in San Diego. Originally we thought we would go to the San Diego Zoo. However, the weather was iffy in the morning... coldish and with a hint of rain. Victoria and I both realized we liked the idea of having been to the zoo more than the idea of actually going to the zoo. Meaning, we both realized we only wanted to go to the zoo so we could say we had been to the zoo.... not because we really cared about seeing the animals. Plus, it's expensive to go to the zoo. So we decided to blow off the zoo, too, and go do something else instead. What, though, we didn't really know.

First of all, we had to go register, so we walked down to the convention center (about a 15 minute walk) and registered and picked up our badges and stuff. The new products table wasn't completely set up yet, so we didn't bother to look at it yet. I thought it might be fun to go to a yarn shop (of course) so we went to the information desk to see where there was a yarn shop in San Diego. Unfortunately, there isn't one, apparently. There were a couple of shops in Old Town and another nearby town (I forget the name) which we could go to.... we would have to change trains twice to get to the first one... and the second one might not still be there, although it did have the distinction of being across the street from a Hooter's. Victoria and I looked at each other and silently agreed that a yarn shop visit was probably not in our near future. I really cannot believe that there is not only no yarn shop in San Diego, but that there isn't one right near the convention center. Seems like it would be a perfect location, especially given the rise in how many career women & men knit now, but oh well.

As I had left the house on Thursday morning, my husband had called after me, "Take a taxi across the Coronado Bridge and go have a drink at the Del!". See, Joe used to drive a taxi in San Diego. He hated having to take people over that bridge, and they were invariably headed to the Hotel Del Coronado to the bar there. Or possibly to stay there. I have heard him talk about that bridge for 18 years. I, of course, had no intention of doing what he suggested. However, given our sudden whole day with nothing to do, the idea appealed to me.

So Victoria and I gamely climbed into a taxi and headed over the Coronado Bridge to Coronado Island to have a drink at the Del. The Coronado Bridge is high-ish and long-ish, but nowhere near the scary behemoth construction described by my husband. I loved the view from the top. I called Joe from the taxi as we drove across the bridge to tell him where I was. He sounded bemused.

We got to the Hotel Del Coronado and walked down to the beach. It truly is a gorgeous place. I took a picture of flowers:


We walked on the beach for a while. A family from Tennessee asked me to take a picture for them, and we chatted a bit. Victoria sat on the sea wall and listened to a song called "California". We strolled up the beach a ways and watched the birds -- gulls, sand pipers, and little birds that might be plovers? We are bird illiterate.





Then we strolled back to the Del, visited the gift shop, and went to have lunch and the required "drink at the Del". It was a really great lunch... I had a fabulous ahi tuna salad nicoise and a martini; Victoria had something else, I forget. I called Joe to tell him I was having a drink at the Del. Apparently I was supposed to have a *margarita*, but he neglected to mention exactly what type of drink I was supposed to have.

After lunch we walked across Coronado Island (about a mile and a half walk) and took the ferry back to San Diego. It was at this point, I am sad to report, that my camera broke. So the pictures above are the only ones you are getting for this trip. Sorry! It worked fine until suddenly all I got was purple, black and white blobs for pictures. I have no idea what is wrong with it. I didn't drop it or anything... it was fine for one picture, and then suddenly all the others were a mess. Prior to the mess, I did get a "zoom error" which I never have seen before. I hope I can get it fixed.

We walked back to our hotel from the ferry landing and got ready to go to the Galleria and Fashion Show. The Galleria was where several companies set up panel displays for people to get a sneak peek at ... we looked at them, but a lot where for needlepoint and cross stitch, so not too interesting to us. I don't remember seeing anything at the Galleria worth noting. Then we went to the Fashion Show. There were about 120 pieces shown. I remember several shrugs and shawls, quite a few jackets and coats (which seemed odd for a summer show) and a few sweaters, but to be honest there was nothing so outstanding that it stuck in my mind. And I really paid attention, too. The fashion show being over, we toddled back to the hotel and collapsed into bed.

TNNA Show January 2007 Day 1 (more)

Well Victoria and I made it to San Diego! We finally got here about midnight our time and then went and had a great dinner at the hotel restaurant. She had a cheeseburger and I had a salad. And I had a martini. It was good. They have this specialty martini here, the "Crazy Dazy" martini, or something.

There are tons of people staying here for the show. We even saw Linda Cortwright of Wild Fibers magazine in the lobby!

I am so tired I cant' stay awake... I will post more tomorrow. :D

TNNA Show January 2007 Day 1

Victoria and I are off to the TNNA show in San Diego! Right now I am sitting in the Bangor Airport ... we have a couple hours to wait for our flight. It sure is exciting to sit in the Bangor Airport for two hours.... I can write this post, but I can't actually post it until we get to Boston around 2 pm, because I can't figure out how to get the BIA internet access to work. :(

We will be flying out of Boston around 4:15 and getting into San Diego around 7:30 pm. We are staying at the Bristol in San Diego... they tell me it's nice. :) Then tomorrow we will register for the show in the morning and play hookey the rest of the day. Instead of taking classes, we decided to go have a little fun. If it isn't raining (it never rains in California, the song says...) we plan to go to the San Diego Zoo. If it is raining... we will go to all the yarn shops we can find in San Diego and then go over to Coronado island to have a drink at the Del. My husband used to drive a taxi in San Diego, and he wants me to go over the Coronado Bridge at least once while we are there. We'll see, honey! heh heh. I will take pictures, regardless of what we do. I packed the camera in my checked bag so I can't take any now... but it's the Bangor Airport. The only thing worth seeing here is, of course, the Unique One display kiosk. :)

Friday night is the Galleria reception with vendor displays, meet & greet the names, awards, yadda yadda CASH BAR :) followed by the fashion show. The fashion show is always fun, either because it is actually worth looking at, or because the fashions are so awful that you can laugh at them. Some fashion shows, I like everything I see... some, I can't imagine what all the designers were drinking (but I want some of it). When we went to Indianapolis in June, the fashion show was of the latter variety.

Saturday is a class in the morning... I am taking a class on how to make a felted tapestry-crochet bowl. Then we'll go to the show for the rest of the day and look over the New Items table for the 5th time, and see the Great Wall 'O Yarn. This will all be followed by a tasty dinner (man I am so looking forward to getting a good salad.. I have to tell you, fresh produce in CA in January is a rare treat... it hasn't been trucked across a continent before you get it... and I am hoping for fresh pineapple jetted in from Hawaii that very morning...). Then a nice long hot shower, a little blog posting (for you, my faithful readers!) and thence to bed, to sleep, perchance to dreammmmmm....

Sunday morning Victoria is taking a class from 8 to 11 while I wander about. Then we will be at the show madly rushing to finish everything up. Sunday night we will undoubtedly go celebrate somehow, somewhere... we might be able to hook up with some friends and have dinner together. Then to bed... we have to get up early on Monday. Our flight home leaves San Diego at around 9 a.m., and we will get back to Bangor around 8 or 9 p.m. I should be home by 11 p.m. on Monday. :D

This is pretty boring so I will stop writing now... but watch this spot for far more interesting developments, including camel nuzzling (at the zoo) and new, exciting, wonderful yarn news (at the show)! We now return you to your regularly-scheduled blog reading.......

Okay, we made it to Boston so I am posting this courtesy of Logan Airport wifi. We just had a great lunch (well, Pizza Hut pizza, but we were hungry). Now I am posting this and planning to settle into a nice long stint of listening to some blues on my iPod and working on my Pi Shawl (Elizabeth Zimmerman, I love you!) while Victoria industriously works on designing a sweater using O-Wool. She planned to knit a FiberTrends pattern that she brought with her, but the gauge did not work out and she only brought the needle sizes that the pattern recommended. So we decided she should just design her own sweater pattern and then it will be a Unique One original. :D The beauty of designing your own sweater is that the gauge is always right, no matter what... you just go with whatever it is. :)

See y'all after we get to San Diego! Have a great day!

Fun with Comics


Heh, heh... now I just need to get a picture of Xena, Terrier Princess... of course I might need to use a macro lense, she's so little.... :)

Next time you stop by Unique One, you just might have the extreme pleasure of meeting one of our furry girls, Tess (above) or Xena (yet to be photographed). Make sure you bring treats! (Grace and Victoria do not feed them enough.)