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TNNA Show January 2007 Day 1 (more)

TNNA Show January 2007 Day 1

Victoria and I are off to the TNNA show in San Diego! Right now I am sitting in the Bangor Airport ... we have a couple hours to wait for our flight. It sure is exciting to sit in the Bangor Airport for two hours.... I can write this post, but I can't actually post it until we get to Boston around 2 pm, because I can't figure out how to get the BIA internet access to work. :(

We will be flying out of Boston around 4:15 and getting into San Diego around 7:30 pm. We are staying at the Bristol in San Diego... they tell me it's nice. :) Then tomorrow we will register for the show in the morning and play hookey the rest of the day. Instead of taking classes, we decided to go have a little fun. If it isn't raining (it never rains in California, the song says...) we plan to go to the San Diego Zoo. If it is raining... we will go to all the yarn shops we can find in San Diego and then go over to Coronado island to have a drink at the Del. My husband used to drive a taxi in San Diego, and he wants me to go over the Coronado Bridge at least once while we are there. We'll see, honey! heh heh. I will take pictures, regardless of what we do. I packed the camera in my checked bag so I can't take any now... but it's the Bangor Airport. The only thing worth seeing here is, of course, the Unique One display kiosk. :)

Friday night is the Galleria reception with vendor displays, meet & greet the names, awards, yadda yadda CASH BAR :) followed by the fashion show. The fashion show is always fun, either because it is actually worth looking at, or because the fashions are so awful that you can laugh at them. Some fashion shows, I like everything I see... some, I can't imagine what all the designers were drinking (but I want some of it). When we went to Indianapolis in June, the fashion show was of the latter variety.

Saturday is a class in the morning... I am taking a class on how to make a felted tapestry-crochet bowl. Then we'll go to the show for the rest of the day and look over the New Items table for the 5th time, and see the Great Wall 'O Yarn. This will all be followed by a tasty dinner (man I am so looking forward to getting a good salad.. I have to tell you, fresh produce in CA in January is a rare treat... it hasn't been trucked across a continent before you get it... and I am hoping for fresh pineapple jetted in from Hawaii that very morning...). Then a nice long hot shower, a little blog posting (for you, my faithful readers!) and thence to bed, to sleep, perchance to dreammmmmm....

Sunday morning Victoria is taking a class from 8 to 11 while I wander about. Then we will be at the show madly rushing to finish everything up. Sunday night we will undoubtedly go celebrate somehow, somewhere... we might be able to hook up with some friends and have dinner together. Then to bed... we have to get up early on Monday. Our flight home leaves San Diego at around 9 a.m., and we will get back to Bangor around 8 or 9 p.m. I should be home by 11 p.m. on Monday. :D

This is pretty boring so I will stop writing now... but watch this spot for far more interesting developments, including camel nuzzling (at the zoo) and new, exciting, wonderful yarn news (at the show)! We now return you to your regularly-scheduled blog reading.......

Okay, we made it to Boston so I am posting this courtesy of Logan Airport wifi. We just had a great lunch (well, Pizza Hut pizza, but we were hungry). Now I am posting this and planning to settle into a nice long stint of listening to some blues on my iPod and working on my Pi Shawl (Elizabeth Zimmerman, I love you!) while Victoria industriously works on designing a sweater using O-Wool. She planned to knit a FiberTrends pattern that she brought with her, but the gauge did not work out and she only brought the needle sizes that the pattern recommended. So we decided she should just design her own sweater pattern and then it will be a Unique One original. :D The beauty of designing your own sweater is that the gauge is always right, no matter what... you just go with whatever it is. :)

See y'all after we get to San Diego! Have a great day!


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