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"This Is Spinal Tap"


Remember that movie? "This Is Spinal Tap", from 1984? Heh heh. That's what I had on my mind today, because, well, I had a spinal tap today! It was extra fun. They had to take out some of my spinal fluid to see if the alien implant in my brain was working properly. Seriously, not to worry... I had some severe headaches (which have been gone for over a month now) and because the doctors can't seem to find anything wrong with me, they are exulting in every possible test that can be humanly done on a live person in order to provide an answer... and also, it is March and March is boring, and because most of the doctors do not knit (except of course, MY wonderful, fabulous doctor!), they perform tests on people. This year it is my turn, heh heh.

So to celebrate my little visit to the hospital today to have a lumbar puncture (they don't call it spinal tap anymore), I have a couple movie links for ya:

The Wikipedia link to "This Is Spinal Tap" (how did we EVER get by, before Wikipedia???):
Oh, and by the way, I noticed the Wikipedia entry called the lumbar puncture "a particularly unpleasant medical procedure", but I must tell you, it was a piece of cake. Hardly hurt at all. I have hurt myself far more seriously knitting, really. :D

The Official Unofficial "This Is Spinal Tap" website:
Turn your audio up to 11, and go browse!! Crazy, dude!

Hope everyone is having a good day. I get to go lie down now for several hours, and I can't really see the down side of that... I will think of you all happily knitting away, somewhere! :D

Woke up one morning.....

"Good morning," I yawned as I stumbled into the kitchen for my bowl of Grape Nuts.

"Morning," my husband replied. "How come you slept so late this morning!"

"Oh, I dunno," I said, "but man, I was having the weirdest dream.... I dreamt I was a yarn shop owner, and it was really wild. There was all this yarn, and sweaters, too. And I had to design things and knit, and there was this thing called the Spa Knit & Spin, and people from all over the world came into the shop... and wow, could I ever knit! I was a knitting and yarn demon!"

He laughed.

"It was really fun," I went on. "And then the stupid dream ended, just when I was getting to the best part! I hate when that happens! I was just getting to the two Knitting Weekends my store was having, and it was going to be really, really fun, and I couldn't wait to get together with people and knit and laugh and eat good food, and it was going to be in the most beautiful Inn in town, and there were little fireplaces in the rooms, and waffles...."

Heh heh. Hi! Hi there! Remember me???? Yup, well, I finally woke up and said, hey, where's my blog, dammit? And here it is (it was hiding under my bed the whole time, geez.) and now I should probably write something! Especially since I am All Excited about the upcoming knitting weekends I am having in Camden (Maine).

I am really looking forward to it! Right now we still have room for about 4 more people in the first knitting weekend, and since only about 10 people are currently signed up for the second knitting weekend, there's plenty of room there (Tell your friends! Support your yarndemon! heh heh). Both knitting weekends are going to be so fun! Partly because all the people coming are either my good friends who inspire me or who are going to become good friends whom I hope to meet again and again, and partly because of the waffles, and partly because you'll get to watch me stumble through a lace knitting class I have never taught before (but it could be really entertaining; I will cover with humor when I totally screw up and we end up making golf club covers instead!). We also have amazing guest speakers (March 23, 24, & 25: Daphne Marinoupoulous of the Fibre Company); March 30, 31 & April 1: Helene Rush of Knit One, Crochet Too) -- I asked each of them to speak for three reasons. First, each of them owns a yarn company whose products are nationally distributed, and I wanted to give my Knitting Weekend participants an opportunity to see the yarn industry from the other side of the counter, to see what it is like for the yarn company to make the yarn and get the yarn to me -- the yarn at Unique One doesn't just magically appear on the shelves, although we often wish it would! Yarn companies work very hard to make the product and get it into yarn shops. Daphne and Helene both will be able to explain the ins and outs of yarn production and distribution to yarn shops. The second reason I wanted these two fine ladies to speak is that they are *women* business owners, and therefore an inspiration to me, personally, and hopefully to women everywhere. We gotta stick together, girls! And the third reason I wanted to ask Daphne and Helene to speak is because I really like spending time with each of them, they are friends and I enjoy their personalities and warmth and creativity, and so when I knew I was having a party....(or two parties).... I wanted them to come!

I also love love love giving out door prizes at the Knitting Weekends, and yowza! You should see the door prizes the yarn companies have donated to me! OMG!!!! It really overwhelms me to see the generosity.... Namaste donated an unbelievable knitting bag AND a set of GLASS KNITTING NEEDLES!!!!! (I must stop drooling, it is so hard on the keyboard...) Berroco and Classic Elite and Brown Sheep donated sweater kits... more than one from each company. And geez, Frog Tree Yarn gave us many, many very cute little scarf kits. Oh, there are soooo many more. Rio de la Plata donated so much yarn, we are going to include yarn in every goodie bag! (Everyone gets a Unique One goodie bag, as a participant in the best knitting party ever!) I will get pictures up of some of the door prizes soon. I have them on a flash drive but I gotta crop them and crimp them and make them all pretty, and I don't have time right now. The problem with the door prizes is, when they come in, all of us at Unique One want to buy them for our own! It's my fault, really... I asked the yarn companies to send stuff I don't already carry in stock... slyly using the donations as a way to view new products, but now of course, I want to buy all of them. Sigh. Please, if you come to the knitting weekends, let me know which door prizes you'd really like me to carry in the store? I can't buy them all .... but maybe *some* of them......

Okay, that is definitely enough blog posting for the day. I don't want to sprain my blogging arm by blogging too much at first. Oh, and as soon as I get a new camera, I can start showing you pictures of what I am knitting! I am knitting, really I am....

And if you want to come to the knitting weekends, click HERE or call the store at 1-888-691-8358 :) Sorry for the crass commercialism! But sadly, I could really use the business!!