"This Is Spinal Tap"
The Fabulous Fantastic Yet Simple Nautical Sweater Story, Part 1

Onward & Upward!

Ha, I finally am getting around to my blog again! It’s been pretty busy here the last two weeks.

We had our two Unique One knitting weekends over March 23-25 and March 28-April 1. Wow, we had so much fun! I loved every minute of it! I think I soak up a whole year’s worth of laughter and inspiration and smiling and friendship over those two knitting weekends. It was so much fun! In both weekends we had terrific people who really loved knitting and the fiber crafts, and they were so inspirational to me. Really, it is my customers who keep me going!

We have already started work on next year’s two knitting weekends, because I wanted to get a head start on them for next year. Plus I was so excited and happy from this year’s knitting weekends, I can’t wait to get to next year’s! We are starting right out this year with two weekends that people can sign up for, March 14,15, & 16, and then March 28, 29 , & 30. These are the two weekends each side of Easter weekend next year. For us, it was easier to do the knitting weekends close together like that, instead of doing the second one a month or more later.... we seem to be able to keep the momentum better this way. Next year, the cost for the Knitting Weekend is the same -- $125.00. You can pay a $50 deposit, and then pay the rest later, which is what most people did. This fee is paid directly to us at Unique One; this is the money that keeps us going, heh heh.The cost for the Lord Camden Inn rooms for the whole weekend (2 nights’ stay) is $200 for an individual or $300 for two people. So, if you get another knitter to come participate and stay at the Inn and you split the cost with them, it’s a little cheaper than swinging the whole thing by yourself.You can call the shop (1-888-691-8358) if you want to sign up for one of the weekends, or if you want more information, or if you have a good recipe for chocolate anything. :)

Next year I am hoping to get guest teachers for each of the knitting weekends, too; so far I know we will have Nancy McGlynn, editor of Knitting Now, to teach a class on tips and tricks for knitting, and Rudy Amann, long-time spinning and nalbinding instructor, to teach how to spin on a hand spindle. I am still looking into options for the second weekend, but I will let you all know as soon as I find the right people! I also am hoping to have a wonderful lady (Hi Conny!) who is from Nebraska, who *might* be able to come to the second knitting weekend and so a slide show from her tour of the Brown Sheep Company operation in Mitchell, Nebraska. I hope we can do it.... I have dealt with Brown Sheep so much over the years, and met several of their employees at the TNNA shows, but have never seen their mill, so I would love love love to be able to make this happen. I really loved my tour of Bartlettyarn’s mill a year or so ago. I love woollen mills!

So.... now the excitement is over.... it is like Christmas, but the day after. Summer madness and activity is approaching, but right now we’re in the lull between winter activities and summer’s carnival atmosphere. I have three fabulous classes that Unique One is offering in April: Learn to Knit Socks, April 14; Rainbow Dyeing on April 21 (I plan to take this class myself, as Tracy Murphy is the instructor... I can’t wait! It is going to be a super fun class!); and Finishing Techniques on April 28 to finish up my classes for the year, until next winter. We don’t do classes during the late spring, summer, and through Christmas because it’s just crazy around here then. Fun crazy, yes, but crazy nonetheless. I do have a knitting cruise (note to self: YAYYYYYY!) in June, and the TNNA show to go to in Ohio in June, and the Fiber Frolic to frolic at in June, so I guess I will still be busy.

Speaking of the cruise, I started designing a sweater (At the knitting cruises, I hand out patterns for things I have designed ... and I haven’t designed a sweater for a while. It is time.) It’s kind of a whole story in itself, so I will leave it for a further blog post, maybe *gasp* tomorrow! Wooot! Two blog posts in a row! Be still my heart... :D The story of my next sweater design adventure will show you how much of a by-the-seat-of-my-pants designer I am... other designers will cluck their tongues loudly to see the simpleton-like methods I use. But, when it goes right, it works pretty well! And at least *I* am having fun! Keep your eyes peeled for the Fabulous Fantastic Yet Simple Nautical Sweater story. :D



You got me hooked. I'll be checking in for that blog update! Kelley


oooh you are coiming to my neck of the woods in June then? Woo hoo! Maybe I should get my bum moving and get registered with TNNA


Hi Beth: I'll send up the recipe for "Damn" good chocolate cake.
Inspiration from our knitting weekend OTN: doggy hat and scarf--yarn and book bought at the weekend; your lacy scarf (if finished will go to our Relay for Life team auction; still working on the child's sweater (had to tear a little out again). My house looks like the yarn shop. Steph and I are going to do our own KAL Shawl project. Will forward pictures as things progress.
Happy Easter.

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