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"I'll Send Him Cheesy Movies.... "

Are you a Mystery Science Theater 3000 fan? I am. I have been sad not to be able to enjoy the antics of Mike Nelson, Tom Servo, Crow, Gypsy and Cambot ever since the show was cancelled. Their hilarious commentary during Really Bad Movies was always guaranteed to make me laugh!


Now I can get that warm yet slightly unsettling feeling anytime, due to the miracle of mp3! Just go to Rifftrax and you can buy their robotic, inane banter via download, and play it along with your favorite movies and laugh yourself silly as much as you want! I love it!

Not a MST3K fan? Need more information? Go HERE. Or just read the lyrics from the MST3K Theme Song. (But its better if you hear it sung.)


Globe_an3(click the picture, it moves)