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So many of you have been asking about the upcoming March Knitting Weekends at Unique One (thank you for being so interested!) that it finally got me to actually update that section of my store website. You can click HERE to read all about it!

Everything is pretty much the same as it has been the last two years: wonderful opening reception (wine, cheese, chocolate, goodie bag); classes (Knitting Weekend #1 is Rudy Amann, How to Spin on a Hand Spindle; and me, Shaping with Short Rows; Knitting Weekend #2 is Mary Jane Mucklestone, Design a Fair Isle Tam; and me again, short rows.); a wonderful luncheon; gathering to knit and talk together on Saturday night .... I am toying with the idea of setting up a knitting machine at the Inn and doing a demonstration of how such a contraption works. When people see me knitting sweaters on the machine at the store, they are always fascinated. The biggest comment I get is "I have never actally seen one of those in operation before!" I think people *know* of a lot of people who own knitting machines, but they haven't ever seen anyone actually successfully use one before.

Anyway... back to the Knitting Weekend schedule. On Sunday morning Linda Cortright of Wild Fibers Magazine will fill us in on her fantastic fiber adventures around the world.... believe me, Linda is one of the most interesting people I have ever met! I could listen to her talk for days and days..... love ya, Linda :)

So...... I am taking reservations anytime, of course. The best thing to do is to call the store and sign up, and then call the Lord Camden Inn to make reservations. Although I personally feel the Inn is the most wonderful place to stay, there are many other lodging opportunities in and around Camden, if you feel you would like to stay elsewhere :) The Lord Camden Inn is offering a special rate of $200 for one person for two nights, which includes a fabulous breakfast; or, you can pay $300 for two people for two nights (same fab breakfast), which would be a good deal since you would each pay $150 if you split it, saving you $50. :)

The fee for the knitting part of the weekend is $125 payable to Unique One. You can pay a $50 deposit when you sign up, and pay the rest when you arrive. This fee covers my cost for the food and materials for the weekend, plus a little profit (well I *am* in business, after all). If you want to stay somewhere other than the Lord Camden Inn, you would arrange that and then just pay Unique One the fee for the knitting weekend. Perhaps you have friends or family in Camden? Hmmmm?

I urge you to get your reservations in soon, because I have decided to limit the weekend participants to 30 people per weekend instead of 40, and also because.... I am famous! And the cause of it might just create a rush to get in on the knitting weekends in March:

Do you read Cooking Light magazine? Well if you do, or if you pick it up in line at the grocery store, look on page 76 of the January/February 2008 issue, you will find a short article about the knitting cruises on the Isaac H. Evans that I participate in twice a year. There is a picture of me and I am quoted, talking about how fun the knitting cruises are! It's pretty cool... and that little blurb is responsible for the fact that the 2008 Knitting Cruises on the Isaac Evans are already FULL! Woohoo! And... people are on a waiting list for 2009! And....... Capt. Brenda Walker and I have even talked about a *third* knitting cruise each year! That last part is really tentative, so don't get all excited, but the fact that we're both even thinking about it is pretty amazing. I mean geez, neither of us would have ever thought that knitting and sailing would be so tremendously popular, but the word is out! Knitting and sailing totally rocks! Sailing knitters are adventurous and fun and they let the melted butter at the lobster bake fall where it may, baby!

Therefore, if you're thinking about signing up for the March Knitting Weekends, you might want to do it soon, because it won't take long for those Cooking Light readers to Google Unique One, and find the updated info about the knitting weekends... and filling them up. I can only hope :)

More posts soon... I have so many new things to tell you.... take care & happy knitting!





You rock!

Someone came into the store about a week ago and asked about the knitting cruises. They knew the fall one was full, but I told them to check out the June trip.

I think you need another week at sea. ;-)

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