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Poetry. Knitting. Knitting poetry.

I was walking down Bayview Street the other day, and happened to notice in the window at ABCD Books, a poem displayed. It was called "Man Writes Poem" by Jay Leeming. I actually stopped to read it and I loved it! I think you might, too, especially if you like baseball, and even though the poem is not knitting-related, I think you should read it! Click here to read "Man Writes Poem".

The following are knitting related poems:

Time is Knitting. A Poem.

Knitting for the Troops.

Opinion Poll

I am thinking of selling rosewood circular needles, which is something I currently do not sell. I was wondering what everyone's brand preference is for circular rosewood needles? I know that Lantern Moon makes them, and Pony, and possibly Colonial and maybe Susanne's, if they are still around. But I have not knit with all of them and I would like to get knitters' opinions before I jump in and order any, especially since the initial purchase will likely be a good chunk o' change. Please leave any opinion you have either in the comments below, or email me (email link is on the upper right area of my blog). Thanks!!

Go Fish! or, Do You Have......

Hi everyone :)

I figured I would take advantage of my readership's size and tendency to ummmm "accumulate" yarn in their stashes to see if something I need might be out there.

I need about 2 pounds (2 cones) of Jaggerspun Heather wool yarn, 3/8 weight, color Amethyst. It is for a special order sweater I am making for a customer, and time is kinda critical. Usually I would be able to order this color directly from Jaggerspun, but this particular color is back-ordered for a while and I need it sooner than it will be available. I have also already called around to my likely suspects of fellow yarn sellers/users, but no one has it. Therefore, I'm appealing to the only other group I know that might have hidden somewhere in its collective stash, to see if anyone has this.

If you have it OR if you know of any person, fiber artist, or business who might possibly have it in their stash or inventory, please call me at Unique One toll free, 1-888-691-8358; or email me at info [at] uniqueone [dot]com. I would be happy to purchase the yarn from you.

Thanks so much :)

Mother's Day Sale (Secret Heads-Up for Blog Readers)


I am doing something pretty unique this year, mostly because I rather urgently need cash, and I am going to tell you, my faithful blog readers, about it FIRST -- before the papers even come out!

I am having a massive Mother's Day Sale: 20% OFF STOREWIDE, May 8, 9, 10, & 11. Unique One has never had this kind of a sale before except at Christmas by the Sea weekend, and even that is only 3 days. This Mother's Day Sale is a whole four days of 20% off anything in stock. I need to get rid of some stuff and get some money in the bank!

So, the sale covers yarn, needles, books, kits, patterns, clothing, sweaters, socks, gifts, notecards, you name it. About the only thing not 20% off is stuff I already have marked down more than 20%, like Dale of Norway sweaters (50% off) and last year's summer clothing (70% off). So if you were thinking of coming to Camden sometime soon, this would be the time. Get something nice for your Mom for Mother's Day, and grab a few items for yourself too! Bring your friends! Pass the word!

Happy knitting and sale shopping :)

Signs of Summer & Yarn of the Month

Wooohooo! Yesterday they put the floats into the harbor:


That is a sure sign of summer around the corner! If the floats are there..... they will come...... and boy, they can't get here soon enough! I need customers!! :: grins rather desperately ::

Also, I got a newish product at Unique One, a tourist product, but if I had kids, I would want one. Years ago we sold wooden lobster pull-toys made by a very nice man in Sangerville, Maine, and they were a very popular item, not to mention a fun toy to play with when things were slow. Then for several years we couldn't get them anymore, but this year he called me and said they were available again, and would I like them? Yes, yes I would. :) So I got this box of 24 Larry the Lobster pull toys the other day, hand made wooden toys made right here in Maine! Only $25.95! No batteries required! Click here to see how fun they are (but you have to imagine you're only 3 years old, ok?).


Oh, and by the way, La Gran Mohair is May's Yarn of the Month! 20% off La Gran that I have in stock, all month long! Get fuzzy with it :)

Have a good day & happy knitting :)