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Mother's Day Sale (Secret Heads-Up for Blog Readers)


I am doing something pretty unique this year, mostly because I rather urgently need cash, and I am going to tell you, my faithful blog readers, about it FIRST -- before the papers even come out!

I am having a massive Mother's Day Sale: 20% OFF STOREWIDE, May 8, 9, 10, & 11. Unique One has never had this kind of a sale before except at Christmas by the Sea weekend, and even that is only 3 days. This Mother's Day Sale is a whole four days of 20% off anything in stock. I need to get rid of some stuff and get some money in the bank!

So, the sale covers yarn, needles, books, kits, patterns, clothing, sweaters, socks, gifts, notecards, you name it. About the only thing not 20% off is stuff I already have marked down more than 20%, like Dale of Norway sweaters (50% off) and last year's summer clothing (70% off). So if you were thinking of coming to Camden sometime soon, this would be the time. Get something nice for your Mom for Mother's Day, and grab a few items for yourself too! Bring your friends! Pass the word!

Happy knitting and sale shopping :)



(imagine sad face here -- very sad) It's not nice to tease us non-Maine-ians (is that a word?) with your non-internet sale. On the other hand, my checking account thanks you.


Ahhh, I can fix that. If you are within the U.S., just call me if you know of something you might want, and if we have it in stock, you can buy it at 20% off through May 11, and I will ship it to you :) :)

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