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No Knitting, Again

This NanoWriMo thing is taking all my time. The good news is, I am up to speed on my writing goals each day. The bad news is, I am just finishing Day 4 in a row of not knitting at all, not even one stitch. I guess my knitting needles will be glad when NaNoWriMo is done 

We got a shipment of Classic Elite's Classic 150 today. It is a great merino wool sport weight and has 150 yards per ball (thus the name). Grace has designed a lovely tam and has it knit up in the store in a pretty green. Classic 150 shows cables really well and it would be good for hats, gloves, scarves and sweaters. I would use reinforcement yarn in the heel and toe of a sock. It would be nice for babies, being soft and warm, but it is NOT machine washable. 

I looked up "Classic One Fifty" (since Classic 150 returns no hits) on Ravelry and found that there are 118 projects for that yarn... and they are very pretty too! It made me want to start some of them... but I won't be starting anytime soon, apparently. At least not in November! Unless I get my butt in gear!

There is a very cute little lacy cardigan designed by Pam Allen, available at Classic Elite as a free, downloadable pattern using Classic 150. You can see what it looks like on their Web Newsletter #7 and download the pattern there too!


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