Election Knitting

The Things We Forget

Gah. I forgot to knit any charity knitting yesterday. But at least, I didn't do any non-charity knitting either. I just didn't knit yesterday, between Nanowrimo and blog reading and watching the tv coverage of the election. 

Darn this NaNoWriMo, anyway. It sucks up a lot of time. 

The good thing is, I am 259 words ahead of where I have to be for my daily goals (1667 words a day!) and so far my character, who has been pretty much not described at all but for having a name (Amy -- it is quick to type) and a gender (female) and a sort-of age (kid) has adventured her way into an old house and has explored a den, a playroom with a great dollhouse, a library and a planetarium. Now she is hungry and is going to have a picnic with some new and very odd characters tomorrow. Wish her luck. And let me know what the characters are too, I haven't thought of them yet, so if you would just fill me in ahead of time it would save me a lot of time and work. 'K? K. 

Now I shall at least pick up my Snowbird mittens and admire them, although I am not sure how much I will work on them. I think I haven't actually knit a stitch on them for about 4 days, and I am falling dangerously close to the brink of abandonement with them. As amazingly attractive as they were for me before I started working on them, they now lack interest. They're pretty. I think the cuffs are going to be a bit tight. I am sure they will stretch out and be comfortable with time (alpaca is good that way). I'm thinking after I knit one mitten and try it on it might have a tight cuff and a short hand; maybe not. The thumb looks big too.

I should just shut up and knit them, right? Right. Ok. Off I go. 


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