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Selbu Modern Lust

A few days ago I mentioned a "darling little hat" that I was dying to make.... so let me tell you about it :)

When I was at the SPA in February, I noticed a young lady working in another booth, and she was wearing the most beautiful hat. It was a light weight hat, knit in a two-color all-over pattern, and I really wanted to ask her what the pattern was, and buy it, if possible. But, every time I had the chance to go talk to her, she was busy with helping customers, and I didn't want to bother her. Then, the next day, I didn't see her anymore, and I figured I had lost that opportunity.....

But then, I was on Ravelry oogling other people's fun projects, and oh my goodness, there was the hat!!! I almost broke my fingers mousing over to click on the Raveler's profile, I was so overcome. Imagine my happiness to find not only what the pattern was, but that it was a free download!!!

The hat in question is the Selbu Modern hat from Kate Osborn. You can take a look at the pattern here if you don't already know what I am talking about.... apparently the entire knitting/internet/blogger world knows all about it but me, heh heh :

I waaaaaaant to make this hat so badly. I saw it in a beautiful goldy-tan with burgundy pattern and it was so pretty! I can't decide what yarn to make it from, but I am leaning toward Jamieson and Smith Shetland wool, or maybe Shibui sock yarn. I guess part of the fun is the anticipation and thinking about what to use for materials. Or, I could hand spin the yarn for it, hmmmmmm. Lots of options there.

I better get knitting and finish some other project so I can start this one!

Knit knit knit!!!



A lovely hat! Thanks for bringing it to our attention. I have it all saved and added to the "to do" list. I wonder what it would look like if you used a solid with a self striping-like those faux fair isle socks??

Beth Collins

Kelley, I think that would look awesome! If you go into Ravelry and search for Selbu Modern you can see a couple hundred instances of what colors other people have made it in, and some of them were similar to what you suggest. Have fun! (I have decided on using Shibui Sock in a dark burgundy and beige, and I am using the same yarn and colors to make my Spillyjane Willistead mittens, so it will make a nice set, even though the patterns are different.)

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