It's Coming!

What to do, what to do ...

I don't know which is worse, being on a diet and REALLY wanting a whole whoopie pie, or having 4 perfectly lovely projects on the needles and REALLY wanting very much to start a 4th project.

I have actually defeated the whoopie pie monster more easily than I can defeat the New Project Monster (henceforth, NPM). I'm on Weight Watchers, trying to get down to my goal weight by Christmas, so I am counting my points daily. If you are on Weight Watchers too, you might be interested to know, one entire whoopie pie is 18 points! For lots of people, that is their total points for the day. And further, upon reading the nutritional information on the dang thing because I really really wanted to have one, I found that the point value is only 9. Huh, I thought..... I could handle 9 points, if I cut out a bunch of other stuff. But the little voice in the back of my head was saying, how could a collection of pretty much 100% sugar and fat as big as your head have only 9 points??? That's when I discovered the nutritional information was for one serving, HALF a whoopie pie. Oh dear.

So then I wasn't going to have any... but that same little voice said, but but but! The whole point of WW is to eat what you *want*, you can have anything you want, but you have to allow for it, make choices, plan, and be aware of portion control. So I can actually have my cake and eat it too, as it were. I am stretching the beloved pie de whoopie over 4 days, having a quarter of it @4.5 points each day with lunch, savoring and loving every bit. And you know what? A quarter of a whoopie pie is plenty... plus, I get to enjoy it for a whole week almost, instead of overindulging in a few minutes of pleasure and then feeling sick and guilty the rest of the week. Ha!

But that still doesn't solve my battle with the NPM. There is a darling hat I am dying to knit, but I have 4 other projects close at hand already, so I printed out the pattern and I will wait to start it until I have finished at least one other project. What incentive to finish something! I have a lovely pair of red "lobster" socks I am knitting from the great yarn I got at the SPA from Spunky Eclectic; I have my Bird in Hand mittens, of which I have one mitten completely done; I have my Walking on the Sun socks that I am spinning the yarn for on my fabulous glass spindle, and last night I started a gansey sweater from worsted weight wool in my stash. That last project is a work project more than a fun project -- not that it isn't fun, it is very fun, but I started it for work purposes.

I am teaching a class in April on Portuguese knitting and I wanted to brush up on the technique so as to appear somewhat proficient at it when I am teaching it. I learned Portuguese knitting a couple years ago, but haven't really used it much since then, so I decided to knit a sweater using that technique entirely. I couldn't just switch to Portuguese knitting on an existing project because I didn't want my tension to vary. I'm loving my Portuguese knitting, working on my sweater a little each day, and although I don't know as I will have my sweater done by the time the class rolls around, I will have a good start on it.

The class is April 19 and you can read more about it HERE. I think I have only 2 more spots available for the class, so if you are interested in signing up,  call right away :)



Socks are addictive, aren't they!
I always want to start another pair.


Portuguese knitting sounds interesting. Maybe you can show me what it looks like this weekend. I think I might enjoy that class.


p.s. Why not start a new project to commemorate your knitting weekend. Its always good to have a souvenir of exciting events.

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