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Last night I finished the very last bit of my Walking on the Sun fiber. I loved that fiber and color, it was very fun to spin. Now the last bit is all plied and I can put it away for some future fun project. :) Here is a picture:


I liked using that wooden spindle; I am not sure where or when I got it. I thought it was a Bosworth spindle, but I noticed the hook is different from my other Bosworths, so apparently it isn't. Hummmmm. If anyone out there knows where I got this spindle, please let me know, because I liked it enough to get another one in a different wood. 

Interestingly enough, I dropped the wooden spindle like 10 times while I was spinning this. I got the hook all bent up a couple times and even got the whorl itself a bit off-kilter and had to straighten it. I only dropped my glass spindle twice, I think. Maybe I was just more careful with the glass one, I dunno. This last ounce of the fiber, I just couldn't seem to spin as well, but the resulting yarn is still just as beautiful. 

The picture also shows that I have picked up the gusset stitches on my black sock #1 and am ready to zoom down the foot. 

By the way, the picture on my computer desktop is of a cat lounging on a porch in Santorini island:
I got it from Flickr, I discovered I could download the large file and used it for my desktop. If you want to get this picture too, you can go to this page

If you type "Santorini cats" into the search box on Flickr, you will get 1,642 results. I got pretty far into them all, and let me tell you, there are a LOT of cats on Santorini. 

I should send Nora there. 


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