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Exactly one year ago, on April 30, the server that my website was on was shut down (actually it was to be moved to a new server). Very sad. Even sadder was the fact that my shopping cart software, CFWebstore, was based on Cold Fusion, which is no longer supported, so the new server could not run my online shopping. The reason why I had chosen that particular hosting provider was because they could host Cold Fusion.

I figured if I couldn't have my shopping cart software, I might just as well put my website back on the Midcoast Internet Solutions server, since they are more local, and I like to support local business if I can. The move went well, and I had a notice on my website about the server move and the resulting lack of online shopping. I figured I would get the online shopping part back and re-do the website soon. 

Well, it has been a YEAR. Funny how I can't seem to get anything done. But on Monday, before I geeked out on GeekTool, I finally finished adding online shopping to my website, and revamped some of the menu items. So now you don't get a message saying we moved our server on April 30. Yay!

It still isn't done, of course; I have more plans. I need to add the kids' sweaters, and make them available to buy online, and I need to add a couple pages at least stating that we do sell knitting supplies and gifts, although I doubt I will be making any of them available for online shoppers until I get my stock whipped back into shape and have enough money to be able to order things for people if things are out of stock when people place their online orders. That might take more than a year, and that is IF the economy improves at more than a snail's pace. But at least it's a plan.

One thing I planned to do when I was redoing the website was to delete the link to Our Current Newsletter. I used to do a great newsletter every quarter, but then I let it go because it was far too expensive to print and mail, and then I let go of the online version too. Then I deleted the content when the current newsletter was two years old. However, I couldn't make myself delete the link to the newsletter; I want to start doing a quarterly newsletter again, online only. 

One reason the newsletter got to be such a monster was that I felt I needed to have a free pattern, designed by me, in every issue, and you know what? It takes a lot of time to design and KNIT a whole new thing every 3 months. It's crazy. So when I get the newsletter going again, there will not be too many free patterns in it, maybe one a year. MAYBE. Sorry, y'all.... but if you're only here for the free patterns, my condolences. However, I do think newsletter readers might be able to scarf up some coupon codes to use for online shopping to get discounts on things (I will figure something out for my local shoppers to get discounts from the newsletter as well). 

Another thing about the newsletter:  while the last newsletter I wrote was 100% about knitting and not sweaters, this new newsletter will be about the sweaters we sell as well as about knitting, because hey. I gotta sell the sweaters to have money to have the yarn shop. And I make damned nice sweaters here! People should buy them. 

I hope to get the first newsletter up and on the website by July 1. If you want to be emailed when the newsletter comes online again, please email me so I can add your email to my notification list. The email link is in the upper right corner of this 'ere blog  :) 

Change is good.


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