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iTunes Geekiness

I just found the most awesome thing :) 

One of the things I don't like about the iTunes store is that if I wanna play all the song previews from an album, I have to stop every 30 seconds and click the next song to play the preview. Stopping every 30 seconds seriously inhibits my knitting flow, ya know? 

So I have installed a cool applescript that will automatically play all the song previews for an album, and I don't have to lift a finger, I just listen and knit. It's awesome. And, I find that listening to all the previews of the  songs in a row gives me a much better feel for the album overall, as a whole concept, since it flows together better. 

You can get the script HERE.

You can get iTunes HERE, but better yet, you can go to Wild Rufus in Camden and buy music there, and support a friend and his family :) 


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