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Another VQBP

Yes, another Very Quick Blog Post. No, I still haven't got the pictures of all the things I have finished. But I wanted to show you how nice stitch markers are as necklaces:


This is a beautiful glass bead stitch marker made by local artist Cate Lamb; we sell her stitch markers here at Unique One. The hardest part is deciding which one to buy, because each one is unique. I put it on a twine cord and it is very pretty, and after I accumulate enough of these stitch markers, I can change them to match my outfit every day! I love dem.

My shark shawl is 80% done, and my Ty Dy socks are 25% done, but my tencel/wool spinning fiber from the Fiber Frolic is still only 10% done, as I haven't touched my spindle for weeks. I am bad. 


Very Quick Blog Post

I noticed the last couple of years I didn't really post anything to my blog in July and August because, well, it is friggin' crazy around here during those two months. But I am determined to break that cycle this year. 

So this is a VQBP (Very Quick Blog Post) because I have to leave five minutes ago. Thus, no pictures. I have taken them but don't have time to import them and futz with them in photoshop and whatever. Later, I promise, pictures there will be aplenty. 

In short, I have finished the Mystery Socks and I have finished the Diamond Patch mittens and I am now one wedge shy of a full Pie Wedge Shawl, and my Ty Dy socks are now 25% done, and I haven't worked on my spinning at all for about 2 weeks (but soon I will). I decided I wanted to finish both the shawl and the socks before diving into the stash and the purchases to fill up my 4 project slots. Right now I only have 3 project slots, soon to be 1 project slot.... so that means I can start or re-start 3 projects at once very soon! I feel like a project glutton. It will be great. 

Hugs and kisses to all, and I will keep posting as much as I can!

Don't forget the August knitting cruise! Come watch me get sunburned! Sign up, there are plenty of openings left for the August cruise. Email me if you need directions how to sign up for the knitting cruise or even the March Knitting Weekend which I am already looking forward to.... wine, chocolate, knitting .... ahhhhhh