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Bermuda Sock progress

On Saturday I started knitting my Bermuda socks. Back in June, I bought some tencel/merino fiber from The Sheep Shed booth, and a new Millpoint spindle from the Millpoint booth, and started spinning. I got about half an ounce of fiber done that week, and then set it down for a long time, but I recently finished the first ounce of the fiber. It is a beautiful color called "Bermuda". 


I am knitting these socks and spindle spinning the yarn as I go, like I did with my Walking on the Sun socks that I started in February. This is how far I could knit with the first ounce of yarn that I spun.  I love the fiber, and spinning it is very fun. I love the color. However, I hate the feel of the yarn knit into socks. These socks feel like they are made from rayon crepe or something icky like that. Hopefully they will feel better after I wash and wear them a few times. I spun the fiber quite firmly, because I wanted the socks to wear well, and it also looks prettier that way, but although the yarn in the skein feels silky and drapey, when it is knit up it feels like I spun it from shredded cellophane. Luckily the colors are beautiful, so I will keep going. I will wear these socks if I can stand how they feel at all, but unless something changes, I will not wear them very often! Maybe when all my other socks are in the laundry….

I should have spun it a bit more loosely, as I did when I spun the same fiber the last couple of times in other colors and made gloves out of it. The gloves feel soft and lovely; I shouldn't have spun the fiber so tightly for my socks, because it makes the knitted fabric feel.... icky. Not scratchy, just not soft. Hard to describe. But it's too late now, I have to spin the rest of the fiber and finish the socks the way I have started them, and count it as a lesson learned :) 

It's funny, the skein was balanced and the stockinette part of the sock seems fine, but the ribbing at the top looks skewed, as if the yarn is overspun. That's kind of odd. Oh well. These will be my odd socks :)


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