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Crasher Squirrel

It started when a young couple were hiking in Banff. They set up a picture of themselves with Lake Louise in the background, set the timer of the camera, and scurried back to their poses. A nosy little squirrel, curious about the clicking of the camera's timing mechanism, came closer to the camera. Then, just before the picture snapped, he poked his head right up, the camera auto-focused on him, and snapped the picture! He crashed the picture!

The young couple got quite a laugh over it, and the picture is very cute. They sent the picture to the National Geographic web site, the picture of "Nuts" the squirrel got popular, the picture escaped into the viral internet community, and people began inserting the squirrel into other pictures and posting them on the internet. 

You can read about it on the National Geographic blog, where you can also see some pictures of the squirrel that people have made. There is also a nice collection on  (click here to link). And if you really want to get into Crasher Squirrel pics, you can just go to Flickr, search for "crasher squirrel", set the photostream to slideshow, and laugh yourself silly. 

Here is the original photo that the squirrel crashed:


There are many funny crasher squirrel pictures out there, but here are three that I really liked:




I think Crasher Squirrel needs to learn to knit, don't you? Or possibly spin on a spindle? 


Banff Squirrel

I can't knit but I can Twitter: and have starred in a movie:

Hard to knit with Squirrel paws ;)

Beth Collins

Wooohooo! AWESOME movie, Banff Squirrel :):) thanks for posting the link!

Peter Cianfarani

Squirrel Crasher strikes again ...

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