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Pictures of Old Finished Projects

I finally got the batteries and the camera and the computer all together in the same place today! So here are some pictures of some older finished projects.

I finished my Mystery Socks on July 3:


They came out great :) I find that they will wear quite well with some shoes I have that are Mary Jane style, and although the band across the top of my foot does go over some of the beads, it doesn't hurt or feel bad at all. In fact, they are quite comfy cosy. And pretty and shiny! I love them. 

I finished the Diamond Patch mittens on July 6, and they came out great. I got a lot of compliments on them while I was still knitting them: 


I also finished my shark shawl, and had enough yarn left over to crochet a simple scarf from the leftovers. Here are both the shawl and the scarf, draped on the bench in front of the store: 


I finished the shawl on July 14. I started the scarf on July 14 and finished it on July 30. So now you know what I did in July!


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