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More Knitting Progress

Project Pictures

I've been working on Joe's vest and have it done to the underarm. Actually I have started the back, and have done about half the underarm shaping decreases:


It's just a plain, stockinette stitch V-neck vest, but that is what he wanted. :) 

I started a pair of socks day before yesterday, using some of the yarn from my SPA 2009 purchases. (I can't believe it is going to take me over a year to work through all of them, and I have been working on them pretty steadily, too.) In the Quiltessentials booth, I got a couple skeins of End of the World Farm yarn. This pair of socks is made from their sock yarn, which is wool with a little nylon in it. It's a worsted weight, so it is a pretty quick knit: 

EOWsocks1    EOWsock2     

By Monday I should be done this pair of socks and have at least the back of Joe's vest done. And I still am working on my tencel/merino fiber, hand-spindled Bermuda socks as well. :) 


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