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Project Update

I have updated my Beth's Current Projects list on the left sidebar of my blog (scroll down). I now have 5 projects listed there, even though it looks like 7. Two of the projects kinda fill two categories each. I also have one store project that I am not putting in as a project of my own, because I hope everyone at the store will help me knit it. Its a model of a stockinette scarf made in a new yarn called Gioiello, which replaces Ritratto, but I need to make the sample out of Gioiello; it is a simple thing, cast on 50 sts, knit a row purl a row till you run out of yarn. I think the model is in 'Coral Reef', a really pretty pink color. It makes a lovely long scarfy shawl (if you shake it out sideways, holding the long side, it widens into a shawl). I think among all of us who work at the store, if we all work on it a little, it will be done pretty soon. And if you want to just come in and knit on it for a while to help us git-r-done, come on by and I'll set you right up on the back porch!


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