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Update on stuff

I've been busy  :) 

First of all, here's a pile o' sweaters and hats I finished today.... things customers have ordered:


They're all cotton, so now they get preshrunk. Then they take a fun ride in a UPS truck :) 

I have been working on my With a Twist sock: 

Twistsocks   Twistsocks2

I LOVE knitting these socks!! They are so fun. They kind of remind me of the Wandering Path socks I made earlier this year, and although I got a little sick of those partway through the fourth sock, these Twist socks are very very very fun, and I only have to make ONE pair of them. 

The tencel/merino blend gives these socks a nice sheen and the yarn is quite soft. I got it at the Dye Dreams booth at SPA 2008, believe it or not. It is fabulous yarn. 

I have also been working on my Ballerina Hanne Falkenberg jacket:


I am almost halfway done... I have half a green gusset and one striped section and one half of another green section, and then I will be at the center back! I am absolutely loving working on this project, and I can't wait to wear it this winter. 

And finally, not knitting related, but a warning about THIS: 


This, my friends, is a Cranberry Apple Strudel from Cappy's Bakery in Camden, Maine. Oh. My. God. DO NOT, I repeat DO NOT eat one of these delectable delights..... if you do, you will be unable to keep buying one every day until the end of time, because they are probably the very best thing you have ever eaten in your entire life! Ever! I purely do not know what I am going to do when Cappy's Bakery closes down for the winter. I will probably go into a strudel-withdrawal coma. I wonder if I can knit in a coma....


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