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Project Update

Vest is done!

I finished Joe's vest today; I will put pictures up as soon as I can. I had him try it on and it fits perfectly. 

My next project is one from the scary bins of time..... it is my Hanne Falkenberg "Ballerina" in colorway #16. I started this project back in mid-January of 2008, worked on it til early March, and then it kept getting pushed back farther and farther on the pile of projects, until it was finally put into one of my bins. 

Recently our Ballerina model that we have had hanging in the store for a few years, got stolen. So, since I have another one half knit, I decided to pull it out and start working on it again, and that way I can wear it at the store and still kind of have it available for people to look at if they want to knit the kit. You can click this link to see my original post and pictures from the past, to see where I am so far :)

So right now, I have my Hanne Falkenberg jacket to finish, and my Bermuda socks. I am also addicted to Knitter's Brewing company on Ravelry (where I participated in the Mystery Sock KAL), and I have signed up for TWO more knitalongs! One is called Twist Baby, a pair of cabled socks, and the knitalong is halfway done already, but it doesn't end til September 30. I have downloaded the pattern and hope to start it this week. I also signed up for a Martini Scarf knitalong, a lace scarf with a martini motif knit into it, with olives as well. This knitalong requires the purchase of the kit from Knitter's Brewing Company but I had to have it, and it is well worth the $24 it cost! I have gotten the kit in Tidal Wave, a nice tropical blue, and the yarn comes with the pattern and beads and a commemorative martini-glass stitch marker! I can't wait to start knitting it on Sept. 1!

Here are pictures of what I hope to knit in the knitalongs:

3488809161_a0ca90d6c8   3489623996_27af2e12dd_o

These are the Twist Baby socks, and I am going to dig through some of my old Spa 2008 purchases, I think I have some great blue sock yarn from Dyedreams to make these out of. 

3799400938_8aab1dd521    Scarf

This is the martini scarf. I am going to make it in the Knitter's Brewing Company color "Tidal Wave":


The kit came with beautiful olive green beads that are knit into the bottom of the martini glasses. And here is the picture of the adorable stitch marker:


All of Wendy's sock yarn colors are named for drinks, so somebody inquired, is there a Tidal Wave drink? I had never heard of it before. And there certainly is a Tidal Wave drink. Here is the recipe, copied from Wendy's forum post on Ravelry (you can bet I am going shopping later to get the ingredients!):

No need to invent - Tidal Wave is a drink! I’ve never tried one, but it sounds tropical-rific!

1-1/4 oz Melon Liquor 
1 oz Pineapple Juice 
1 oz Orange Juice 
1/2 oz Coconut Syrup 
1-1/2 oz Sour Mix 
1/2 oz Light Rum

Combine ingredients in blender with ice and blend until smooth. Pour into parfait glass. Garnish with a lime wheel and a cherry.


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