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Yarn Booty

We got a crate full of yarn from Done Roving yesterday:


It's 2 kinds. One is Kidding Ewe, a blend of mohair and wool. The colors are so rich! It has a lovely sheen and a little fuzz, and it feels fantastic! It has 300 yards per skein and knits up at 5 sts per inch; I am not at the store as I post this, but I believe our price is $29.95 a skein. These hand dyed colors are unbelievable. As we unpacked the box, all 3 of us kept saying, this is my favorite color! No, THIS is my favorite color! 

The other yarn is called Wool 4 All. It is in a 216-yard 4 ounce hank and comes in 9 lovely colors! If you love the look of Kidding Ewe but can't take the mohair, this is a good substitute. I think Wool 4 All is selling at Unique One for around $13  a skein. I want to say $13.75. We shall see how accurate my memory is when I get to the store. 

Both yarns are great for felting, and we even have a sample felted drawstring bag model on display. I think these yarns have "potential Christmas project" stamped all over them. 

In other news, I have abandoned my Swirl Shawl project in Andrea !00% silk lace weight yarn. The silk yarn will be lovely in some other project, and the shawl will be lovely in some other yarn, but together, they are not really thrilling me. I think I will just set both the pattern and the yarn aside for awhile and stick to the 4 other projects in my list til one or two of them are done. And one of these days, the exactly right yarn for that shawl will come along, and I will discover the exactly perfect lace scarf pattern for the Andrea yarn. It gives me something to look for :)  


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