Christmas trees and hats and knitting, oh my

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Spinnning on a hand spindle is like eating potato chips or popcorn. Once you start, it is hard to stop. I keep saying, oh, just fifteen minutes..... I can stop anytime I want to..... Uh huh. 

I only have 1 ounce left to spin on my Bermuda socks fiber (50/50 tencel & merino, hand dyed at The Sheep Shed). And the socks are knit as far as I have made yarn to spin for them, so they are 75% done as well. I set this spinning/knitting project aside in late August or early September and haven't worked on it much, but now it is my favorite thing:


I finished my Ballerina jacket. Did you know how hard it is to photograph yourself wearing a sweater? I got this mirror shot:


I couldn't figure out how to do a shot from the back.... and the back is the coolest part of the sweater. Maybe I can get one today when Tracy comes in. 

My new mindless, easy to knit project is this pair of socks, Trekking XXL #156:


I grabbed this skein of yarn originally to use as a “porthole prize” skein on the last September knitting cruise. Since I actually finished all the stuff I had brought with me to boat-knit well ahead of time, I nabbed this skein to make a pair of mindless socks so I wouldn’t sit twiddling my thumbs for the last day and a half of the cruise with no knitting to do. (Very sad thing to do, on a knitting cruise.)

Unfortunately I don’t like this skein of yarn much. I don’t like the color and I don’t like how it feels, but maybe I was just so dang sick and tired of knitting socks when I picked it up, that it biased my opinion. I had, after all just finished making about 4 pairs of socks in the previous 3 months…. HARD socks that took a lot of time.

I am sure I will love these socks when I finally finish them.   I like them a little better, today, so that's a good sign.

So now I only have 3 in-progess projects. Yikes.

In other news (I think it should be "knews" if it is knitting news. Right?), I finished the black socks. I have no picture. They are just black socks. 

And more dismaying, I am theoretically working on a beautiful red cashmere lace shawl/scarf, and I seem to have lost it. It is beautiful dark red cashmere from Springtide Farm, and I got it at the SPA and I haven't felt like working on it for months. Finally last night the bug bit me to want to work on the cashmere scarf, but now I can't find it anywhere. I have even looked in the refrigerator and in my car. I hope I find it! If you find a pink flowered zipper bag holding a nearly half done red cashmere scarf, walking down the road holding a sign that says "Vegas" because it was running away from home, suffering from neglect .... take it to Vegas would ya? Then mail it back to me after? Thanks :) 


mary jane

Yay! The ballerina, had recently remembered mine...alas lost...but it got me to wondering if you had finished yours, and voilá! Here is! Beautiful

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