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Here is a picture of the Bermuda socks that took me so long to spin and knit:

I got the 50% tencel/50% merino from the Sheep Shed booth at the Fiber Frolic 2009, and spun the yarn on my Millpoint spindle, also purchased that same day at the Fiber Frolic. I would have been done the socks much earlier, but I put them away and didn't work on them from about mid-September to mid-November. Except for that hiatus, they were pretty quick to spin and knit. I didn't like the feel of the yarn I was making, but now that the socks are done, I think they are great. I am looking forward to wearing them tomorrow :) 

Here is my progress on the Trekking socks:

They are just basic socks. I also didn't like these socks when I started them, because the color didn't thrill me, but now I think they look very fun and I like the bright colors. They look like a circus. These socks will be done by tomorrow, I hope. 

I have been working on my red cashmere scarf since early October, but I have never shown a picture of it I don't think. It is almost half done:

Once that little ball of yarn is used up, it will be half done. Then I will wind the other skein and knit the other half of the scarf, and weave the pieces together in the middle. It is a fun scarf to knit, and the center panel is a pretty mindless lace pattern that is easily memorized. 

Here is a close up of the center panel:


and here is a close up of the lace bit at the end:

This cashmere feels incredibly yummy. I got it at the Springtide Farm booth at the SPA 2009. I love the dark red color. I figure it will be another couple of weeks to finish the scarf.

After the scarf and the Trekking socks are done, I will officially have nothing immediately at hand on my knitting needles. I want to start 4 more projects right away, but I might savor the feeling of not having anything to knit (ignoring the projects in the bins of time for the moment) just for a day or two. I might read a book.... who knows. 

I only have two more things to finish from the items I got at the Fiber Frolic and SPA this year. I have the Blue Faced Leicester top from Spunky Eclectic in color Galaxy, and I have some blue cashmere blend yarn from String Theory that I got at the Fiber Frolic. I am sure the blue yarn will be knitted up by June, but the Galaxy yarn .... well, it might be iffy to get it spun by February. I am going to spin it lace weight, or as close to lace weight as I can get it, and knit one of the lace scarves from A Fine Fleece. I think it might take me a long time to spin that 4 ounces of BFL into lace weight yarn, but who knows. I thought it would take me forever to hand spindle enough yarn for socks too, and that turned out to be pretty quick. Quicker than I thought, anyway. 

I will have to spend some time just deciding what the other two projects will be, beyond my spinning and the blue yarn thing. I should really use those two projects to do something for the Knitting Cruises for next year, but I also have some knitting I must complete to be ready for some of my classes this winter. And, there is no reason not to combine the two... hmmm .... such decisions :) 



Kelley Splaine

Your finished socks are lovely. I'm not sure I could ever spindle spin enough yarn for socks!!!! I can almost feel the scarf. Your pictures are great! I'm home for a snow day today and my wheel is hopeful. See you soon. Kelley

Beth Collins

Thanks, Kelley! I am glad you have a snow day, it's gonna be nasty out there. Get that wheel going :)

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