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Trekking Socks FO, and picture

Yep, it's tomorrow and the Trekking socks are done:


That quiet sound you hear is the sound of only ONE project on the needles. Oh sure, I have a gazillion half-done things sitting in bins and boxes and chests somewhere, but in my currently active list.... only one lonely thing, a red cashmere scarf. I guess if you are only going to be knitting ONE thing, then it should be cashmere. 

It's really snowing here. Our first snowstorm of the season! I love it :) I am thinking about closing the store early since no one is going to be out and about... and since I am staying at the Lord Camden Inn tonight (to avoid driving in this mess), I could knit in front of the fireplace and watch the snow fall and the wind gust and think about taking a nap. I think I shall. Happy knitting, everyone :) 



Brenda Thomas

The socks look awesome...and fun! I hope you survived the storm.

Beth Collins

I survived! It turned into more of a rainstorm overnight. Still, it was quite messy right when I would have been driving home. Thanks for the socks compliment :)

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