Fitting Out
St. Patrick's Day! Irish Spring!

Lack of progress

I don't know what's wrong with me, I haven't been knitting much. I have been picking up my knitting and holding it a lot, but not really knitting much. I only worked about 2 more inches on the first sleeve of my Corduroy over the weekend, and I was secretly thinking on Friday that since I had the whole weekend off, I would probably be able to finish both sleeves and be wearing the sweater by Tuesday. I should have been able to, too, but I didn't. I also did not knit on my aran design because to start it, I would have had to roll a hank of yarn into a ball, and that seemed like waaaaay too much work. Also I haven't worked on my modular scarf. I have been touching yarn and looking at half done projects and thinking about knitting, but apparently I can't quite bring myself to touch the stuff at the moment. Boy do I need a KNITTING WEEKEND!!!!! I can't wait, it is only 10 days a way and I realllllly need it.

My modular knitting class has been cancelled. I usually hold my classes at Cappy's restaurant ( I love Cappy's!!) next door to Unique One, but the owner called me and said she had another large group coming on one of the weekends of my modular class, and could I postpone or reschedule the class? But as I really didn't have a throng of people signed up to take the class, I just cancelled it; if I had had a few more people signed up for the class I would have held it somewhere else. But not to worry! I am still designing a few modular pieces that will become knitting cruise fodder, and I am quite happy about them. One  is the basic modular scarf I have already started with Good Karma Farm Secret Sheep Blend, and I have a couple other ideas. One is a scarf in 2 colors of Rowan Kid Silk Haze, made in smaller diamond pieces, modularly knit, and another project uses a skein of Cloth Candy Hand Dyes 100% washable sport weight wool. Cloth Candy Hand Dyes is hand dyed yarn made right here in Camden, and it is so beautiful! Diane Neil has been creating hand-dyed and painted fabrics for the quilting community for over ten years, and her dye work is absolutely stunning. Now she is venturing a little into yarn dyeing as well, and I must say, we got a good response to her strong, vibrant colors when I displayed her work at the SPA. Right now we have a selection of both sport and fingering weight skeins from Diane, and each skein will make a pair of socks OR a beautiful scarf. I am quite looking forward to making my modular scarf from her yarn; I just haven't selected what shape of module I want to use for it yet!

Ok gotta go knit :) 


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