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Modular Scarf pictures

Nora finally moved off the scarf and I grabbed it and stuffed it in my bag to bring to the store. Here is a picture of it done, before I blocked it:


I look pretty intense and somewhat scary wearing it:


A close up of the blocks:

I alternated starting the squares with purple and green, so as to make the two skeins come out evenly. I think if I had started every square out with the same color, I would have had to use 2 skeins of that color and call it the main color. The advantage to that is, I could have picked up the stitches all along one side and knit a row of the main color and then bound off, which would have given the whole scarf a nice even, more finished-looking edge to it, but as it is, one side of each block alternates ridges of purple and green, and the other side is a solid band of green on one square, alternating with a band of purple on the other square:

As you can see, there are 7 squares in the scarf. In this picture, it is drying after I washed it (Nora, wet cat, muddy feet, etc.) and so it blocks out to be 68 inches long and 8 inches wide, using only 2 skeins of Good Karma Farm secret sheep blend. I wish you could feel how yummy it feels :)  




That gives me an idea for some leftovers I have!

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