Therapi, I Need Therapi

Pictures as promised :)

I finally found the cord for my camera! Yay! 

 So here are pictures from the Spa:

Spa1      Spa2


People walking around the vending room :) When I got to the Hilton, there was no power, and I made the decision that I was prepared to work the whole Spa weekend with no power, if necessary; CMP was not sure if they could get the power on by the end of the weekend. But as I was checking in, the power came on, so all was well. We had had a pretty nasty storm on Wednesday and Thursday, rain and high winds, and lots of people were without electricity. I was expecting to drive to the Spa in sloppy weather, but hey, it turned out to be fifty degrees (according to the bank in Waldoboro) and sunny the whole drive down! It was the easiest, most comfortable set up we have ever had.


Lots of knitters and spinners hung out in the lobby and other public areas.

Breakfast, bring your wheel! 


Things got a little messy in our booth toward the end...

Who wouldn't love a Bartlettyarn wineglass filled with wool top?!

Springtide Farm's booth was next to ours, and Pistachio the goat spent most of the weekend chewing on a cashmere scarf.

Even the mannequins were having a good time! By the way, that luscious tan and white two color hat in the bottom left of the picture? The pattern for that hat is in the new issue of Wild Fibers magazine (Spring 2010), page 65! We have Wild Fiber Magazine at Unique One!


My sock monkey slippers got lots of attention, so they had a good time too :) 


Fluff      Fluff2

I got 4 ounces of 100% superwash blue faced leicester fluff from Sereknity to spin into something luscious! The color is Aegean. It is a beautiful mostly blue but with a little green too. Very oceany.

I got only one skein of yarn. Can you believe it??? It is a pretty orange skein of cashmere from Springtide Farm, and I am going to make it into fingerless gloves, but I have no picture of it :(

I bought 3 sets of needles from Autumn Hollow Farm, but only could get pictures of two of them to come out so they looked like much:

   Pearltops      Cocobolasize8s   

These are cocobola size 8 needles, with pearl tops. I love them! I can't wait to start using them.

Birdseye9s      Birdseyetips
These are birds eye maple size 9's, and I believe they have amethyst tops. My picture taking skills kind of suck. I love Autumn Hollow needles, for many reasons, but especially for the utterly perfect tips on them. 

I have a third set of purple heart size 7 needles with Swarovski crystals (purple, of course) tops, but I couldn't get a picture to come out well. I am sure you will eventually see them though, as I am currently using them to knit the Therapi Wrap that we have a kit for. Pictures soon :)

AND the most beautiful thing of all, I got a spindle (also from Autumn Hollow) that is so gorgeous. It is cocobola wood with an inlay of beautiful blue lapis lazuli around the outside.... it is so beautiful I can barely look at it, and apparently neither can my camera, because every picture I tried to take of it came out with a dark slightly spindle-shaped blob and no sign of the lapis lazuli. I will try to sneak up on it when I start spinning the Aegean superwash BFL and see if I can get a better picture at some point. 
When I got home, I noticed we had a LOT of water in the harbor, and some parts of the park were flooded, and the parking lot was pretty close to almost being flooded:

Highwater      Highwater1

What a wild weekend :)  



Kelley Splaine

I can't wait to see your "oceany" fiber spun up! Oh, if only SPA were every weekend! It was such a great lift. You're blog post extended it for me. Thanks, Beth. Kelley

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