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St. Patrick's Day! Irish Spring!

Happy St. Patrick's Day! I am wearing green, and what is even better, today is the first day this year that I am wearing a t-shirt instead of a turtleneck. It is so warm and sunny here! 

Yesterday I took down the snowman flag and put up a spring flag:

When I was walking up to the Camden Deli to get coffee, I noticed a cool thing. You know how, in the spring, the leaves on trees all open on the same day? Well this morning, all the doors to all the shops and restaurants were propped wide open! It was like a summer day! Because today is fabulously warm and sunny and very springlike. So I opened early and propped my door open too, and played Let's-Pretend-It's-Summer right along with the rest of them:

I noticed that last year's paint job on the front of the store is already flaking off. I do believe that this building is paint repellent.  

It looks like spring is arriving early inside Unique One, too: 

The sweater stock is building up.

And yarn is busting out all over! Ya gotta love all the color in a  shop:

Yarn2      Yarn1

Yarn3      Yarn4

Yarn5      Yarn6
Yarn7      Yarn8

Nicky was soaking up the sunshine while I hung out my laundry this morning:


He is pretty laid back. Maybe he's Irish :) 

Now go knit an Aran sweater! 



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