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Workin' Wednesdays

Not that I don't work other days of the week, heh heh.... BUT it occurred to me that probably quite a few of you who read my blog (assuming there are more than 3 of you out there) would like to know what I do most of my time.

I know that you probably read this blog for knitting-related stuff, hand knitting, designing, spinning, fiber in general, silly cat stories, and the occasional recipe. I tend to focus on my knitting projects because it is fun for me to talk about, and talking about my knitting projects in this blog creates a good record of what I have done so I can go back and re-read stuff, which sometimes helps me remember things.

However, Unique One is not just a yarn shop. And as interesting as it may be to see what it is like to work in a yarn shop, you might also like to see what else I do here.

Unique One is also a sweater shop, and we make our own sweaters. Like a lot of my local flesh and blood customers, probably a lot of you know I make sweaters, but I'm not sure you really get what that means.

Therefore, starting this week, I am going to try to devote Wednesday posts to something about the sweaters that we make at Unique One, and talk a little about the store, its history, how the sweaters get made, and feature a picture of some sweater that we make so I can tell you a little about it. I promise to try not to be too pushy about selling you the sweater, however I am pretty desperate for money, so ya never know. :)

Since this post is already getting a bit long, I am going to start this Workin' Wednesday with just a picture:


Here's my Cute as a Moose sweater for kids (hey, if you can be Cool as a Moose, why not Cute as a Moose??).
 We make these in both kids sizes and adult sizes, and they look the same, just bigger. We have always made them in both red and blue, and the adults sizes sometimes are available in vanilla or pearl (versions of buff or off-white), and also olive. This little pink version is new for Unique One. Putting the moose on a baby pink background was a customer suggestion, and I love it! So we will make a few moosies in pink this year. :)

My cotton sweaters, like the moose one is, are made of 100% domestic cotton that I get from a distributor in Indiana. We actually knit them a little bit big, because we shrink them in a hot washer and hot dryer so that you can launder them easily. Unique One cotton sweaters are machine washable and dryable! And very comfy. 

The kids moose sweater is available by phone (1-888-691-8358) and the adult size is available to purchase online on this page.


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