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Bummer. You lost your yarn shop, paralyzed your whole right side, and now you don't talk or walk or knit so good anymore. Too bad, you've got all the time in the world now.....


That's what I was thinking, just after my stroke which struck on April 19. Sucks, why bother ..... but then, me being me, I had to knit. Had to. And I did. I only have my left hand available, but after Joe wound a very tight ball of yarn and I found a way to prop my right needle up, I started some garter stitch, all-purl. I worked for ten weeks on 25 stitches, and finished after I got home. It came out pretty well.

So then my second thing was another garter stitch scarf, but I made it all-knit this time, on 30 stitches. That was done in two weeks. It looks pretty good too.

My third project, which I am almost done, is another scarf done in knit 2, purl 2 ribbing. It is going to be reallllly long, who knew that two balls of Brown Sheep Nature Spun had so much yardage!! But it is looking good too, and now I know there is nothing that can be knit with two straight needles that I cannot do. I can finally finish my Audrey scarf that was for the knitting cruise. And I'm going to start the Hard Alee Aran, too, and the Lisa Lloyd projects are waiting their turn as well. I'm back!

How is the body progressing, you say? Pretty well, thank you. I'm walking around the house now with a cane (man, this paralyzed shit really sucks though). I'm doing exercises for everything. I can dress and undress myself, big accomplishment that was, lol. I am coming along nicely, after five months recovery. There is no more Unique One, which is a shame, but there is a Beth Collins, and that was pretty touch and go for a while. And best of all, I'm knitting again!





Vivian Trott

I was so sorry to hear about Unique 1 but I am so glad that you are progressing toward recovery.
Keep up the knitting. I know that for me it's what keeps me sane.


I was wondering what happened when my parents just came back from Maine telling me there was NO yarn shop where I said there was! Oh wow!
Well my dear.. you need to come over to the dark side of LOOM KNITTING!! yes yes yes! you must! It is genius for a person with limited mobility!! Carry on and stay strong! Will be looking forward to hearing about your progress!

Sarah O.

I can't believe it took me 2 weeks to discover that you had a new blog post! You really are making a wonderful come back. You are an amazing and strong person. I'm so very excited that you are knitting!!! I miss Unique One, but you are still you and you are knitting and really that is what is important.


I just knew you would knit again. Sorry about the shop but glad you are still with us. People are more important than places. Can't wait to run into you at a fiber event in the future. Hugs!

Rhoda Thombs

Beth, I too am so glad to hear that you are knitting once again, and that you are writing for the Yarddemon. Love that blog! I have been keeping up to date by Rachel. Glad to here that you are so determined! Rhoda

Linda Stevens

I just knew that you would knit again sweetie. Makes my heart so happy to see how far you have come. Sandy is still having PT 3 times a week but we have not given up on coming to see you. Keep up the great work we are so proud of you!


YOU are the Unique1. Welcome back, Beth. I'm hoping to get up to Camden to knit soon. Love and the happiest of holidays. ~ Ellen

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